19+ Best Foosball Table Reviews in 2020 – From Beginner Level to Pro Series

Foosball is one of the most addictive games around the world, according to recent statistics. A table adds a new level of charm to any gaming room, but what exactly makes a good foosball table?

Are you looking for the best-rated table for foosball to add to your game room? It’s exhilarating to add a new piece of hardware to your leisure area. However, there are many top-rated options available to meet every budget. We’ve compiled this list covering every level, from beginner to elite, and always corresponding to different budgets.

Check out our picks, which will suit your budget and satisfy your long-held desire to purchase a top brand table foosball as well. The tables covered in this feature consist, in our opinion, of the best-rated foosball tables reviews 2020.

Experts from foosballschool.com discovered and played with each of these products to figure out all the best foosball brands, types, and budgets to assist you in making the best decision for your new addition.

Our buying guide and non-biased top brands table reviews will help you to gain all the knowledge you need to make the best buying decision. We’ve shared pros, cons, and why you should or shouldn’t buy a particular table throughout this feature. No matter your budget or skill level, we’ll help you to find the perfect foosball table for your needs..

In a rush? Let’s get right to it with our pick for the best table foosball on the market today. 

We consider the KICK Triumph Black to be the best buy for anyone seeking the perfect balance of an affordable yet high-quality table.

best foosball table

The reason for featuring the KICK Triumph Black, 55 In as our best pick, is because of overall customer satisfaction combined with its price. We spoke with over a dozen KICK Triumph owners before ultimately settling on it as our best pick for this article. All were happy with their initial purchase and remain hugely satisfied after months or, in some cases, years of use of this branded table.

We think this is the most critical part of selecting any product. Everyone appreciates the thrill of setting something up for the first time, but it’s equally crucial for the quality to continue to shine for years to come.

With that said, the same applies to each of the recommended tables in this feature. If the KICK Triumph Black isn’t quite what you’re looking for, we encourage you to read on as we have covered the best foosball tables regardless of budget, skill level, and aesthetic requirements.


  • Dimensions:  55″x 30″x 36″
  • Weight: 123 lbs
  • Bearings: Premium Bearings
  • Goalies: 1 or 3 Goalies Configuration
  • Feature: Slide Scoring Mounted on Each End

Gameplay Factors:

The KICK Triumph boasts an elegant design that makes the product visually appealing to all players, with the potential to serve as the ideal centerpiece of any gaming area. It makes for a fantastic addition to any home, office, or dedicated gaming space and serves as a versatile and sturdy game table that more than lives up to its price.

If you are looking for one of the best tables, I will single the KICK Triumph out as one where it’s virtually impossible to go wrong.

The table was designed for durability first and foremost, but that was achieved without any compromise on the various additional features, which raise this table above the closest competitors in the same price bracket. You will find counterbalanced players, as well as the standard uniformed players, making this a flexible pick for standard games, unique styles, and training. Visually, the chrome detailing against the black color of the table makes for a striking contrast.

Overall, if you opt for this table, you’ll be satisfied that you couldn’t possibly have found a better value for money deal elsewhere, which is why we rank it as highly as we do.

  • Durable and Quality-Built
  • Ball Return on Each End
  • Easy Assembling
  • Elegant Simplicity and Appearance
  • Chrome Plated Rods
  • The Major Flaw its Weight.



There is a table foosball option out there for all budgets and play levels. Naturally, what might be the best table for one player may not be perfect for another. With this in mind, we’ve designed this guide to narrow down your choices to pick the best affordable soccer table for your precise needs and requirements.

Top Foosball Table Reviews on The Market in 2020

I will assume that as well as having something fantastic to play on; you have a desire to give a classy look to your game room by adding an elegant, classic table for foosball. You’re likely looking for a table that strikes the perfect balance between visual appeal and value for money. I can assure you that you will find the best solution within this article, in which our experts brainstormed, researched, and played to list the best possible picks according to your unique requirements. You will find the best picks in all categories that comfortably suits your budget. Let’s start our journey.

Best Cheap Table for Foosball [Under $200]    

Every foosball lover wants to get a table as part of building the ultimate game room. A game room is a unique space in any home that gives people the opportunity to while away the hours with friends and family. The addition of a classic foosball table will enhance the atmosphere and potentially even provide any gaming space with a classy look. So, to buy a quality table for personal use or to gift someone else, you need to think about what’s available to you within your current budget. 

I have to say that if you’re shopping in this category, you will miss out on certain professional-grade features. Like anything else, you get what you pay for when you buy a foosball table. However, if you or the recipient has no plans to turn professional and you just want to have fun, these are the football tables to consider. It can be challenging to choose the right one with so many options out there. However, we’ve taken all the time it takes to research, test and interview owners to come up with our selections of the best cheap tables for you. So, read on to make the right buying decision. Let’s start by narrowing down your options to the best tables in this particular category.

Best Choice Products 48in Table

Brief Review

First and foremost, the Best Choice Products 48in foosball table will meet your budget. Furthermore, it comes out on top as far as the best cheap foosball tables are concerned.



Though it costs little, it is perfect for enabling friendly competition between players. It is a decorative piece and suits the living room, game room, or any other entertainment areas thanks to a premium finish rarely found on products within this price range.

The table consists of a medium-density fiberboard construction. It has chrome finished steel rods, which makes it sturdy, durable, and usable for years to come. You can assemble this table quickly and correctly using the two cup holders in the package.

The table features eight rows and allows four rows per team. There are also 11 players on each side, and you will find rod bars with a comfortable grip to better control the ball.

We consider this table ideal for players of all ages. However, if you’re after a foosball table for children, they can be part of the joy of playing on this table thanks to its low height. You can easily set it in a small area thanks to its compact design. The dimensions of this table are 48 x 24 x 33 inches, and it weighs in at only 42 pounds.

Overall, this foosball table signifies style and fun. It perfectly strikes a balance between quality and affordability for anyone that doesn’t want to break the bank.

Hathaway Playoff 4’ 

Brief Review

If you want to bring world-class excitement to your game room or office, you should consider investing in this table. It has a dazzling design and looks like a colorful realistic soccer stadium, complete with rabid fans!



This table is a perfect balance for kids as well as adults. Kids will love with high-glossy graphics and fast-paced play. On the contrary, adults will love the feature of the durable construction of this table.

The wood construction of this table ensures stability. The user-friendly grips and sleek steel rods provide fast and stable play.

Moreover, it has integrated leg levelers for ensuring an even playing field and they are very easy to adjust.

This table is ideal for kids as well as adults. Kids will love the high-gloss graphics and fast-paced play. At the same time, adults will love the durable construction of this table.

The wood construction of this table ensures stability, while the user-friendly grips and sleek steel rods provide fast and stable play.

Unlike many cheap foosball tables, this one has integrated leg levelers to ensure an even playing field, and the good news for adults and kids alike is that they are effortless to adjust.

You will be pleased to hear that the table comes with a 180-day manufacturing warranty. Furthermore, the warranty begins from the moment you place your order, and the company promises to deliver the table without any damage or issues. If anything happens in transit, they will provide replacement parts or even a complete replacement, all at no cost to you. The table’s dimensions are  49 x 28 x 11 inches and the weight is 51 pounds.



This table is professionally manufactured by a professional team in the USA, based on US designs.

It ranks among the best foosball tables for its price, and we have no hesitation in recommending you take a closer look, as it stands every chance of living up to all your requirements.

EastPoint Sports Newcastle Table for Foosball

Brief Review

The EastPoint Sports Newcastle is another excellent buy within this lower price range. It is like a hot meal for hungry people in that it comes with great features and a sturdier design than many of the other tables in this category.



This table easily suits any game room and provides tremendous foosball fun for kids and adults alike.

This table offers a more realistic game than those we’ve covered thus far, thanks to its large playfield. It is a 54-inch long table that is only a few inches behind a standard full-sized table.

It has a sturdy construction that ensures stability. The table can sustain the aggression of young players, and potentially the frustrations of older players too!

It boasts real steel player rods with robo-style players that can generate maximum power. Though the players are not counterbalanced, these design decisions significantly enhance the ability to control the game.

In something of an unexpected feature at this price range, it comes with oversized leg-levelers that can make your table ready for precision play. You can also enjoy an even playfield, ensuring that players can come close to a professional experience at an impressive price, especially as these levelers also add stability. The dimensions of this table are 54 x 29.5 x 34.5 inches, while it weighs in at 76 pounds.


I would recommend this table to anyone looking for competitive gaming in this price range. It is a fantastic casual-play table for the whole family.

American Legend Charger 52” Table

Brief Review

The American Legend Charger is perfect for all ages. In this price range, you’re always thinking about durability before purchasing a soccer table, mainly because less expensive tables are generally made of low-quality parts. However, that’s not the case on the Charger. The thickness of the apron is impressive and single-handedly affords the table more durability.



This table is made of medium-density fibreboard and includes a 3/16′  MDF playfield. The thicker surface ensures that it will remain in excellent condition for the life of the table. Thinner surfaces tend to warp and then lead to an uneven playfield. There are no leg-levelers to compensate on this table, so the surface condition will be the main driving factor for keeping quality intact over time.

The weight of this table confirms durability. Weight is vital during aggressive gameplay. Otherwise, the table tends to move, which often makes for unfair play and players even scoring by accident rather than through their own qualities.

The table looks great thanks to a light oak finish. It has 1/2′ chrome hollow rods with non-slip grips that are impressive for power shots with impressively realistic players. The hollow rods are light in weight, and they make the game faster. The Legend also features a chrome crossbar which gives extra strength and stability. Moreover, it has an internal ball returning system and abacus-style scoring to track the score. It also includes a unique feature that enables players to set up a three-person goalie system. The table dimensions are 52 x 20 x 28 inches and weight is 100 pounds.

The table is great for anyone that wants a foosball table that looks more expensive than it really is. Its wooden finish with black legs and green surface make for outstanding color contrast, and it boasts the features and gameplay to match.



The American Legend is ideal for children and beginners. They will love the hollow rods, which ensure faster gameplay. What about adults?? They can also play on it as long as they’re playing hard. However, I have to admit that anyone at an intermediate level or above will find a few faults with this table. If the focus is on fun and playing with family, this table is fantastic. However, if you have ambitions to improve as a player, you should keep reading for something more suitable.

Triumph Sweeper 48″ Budget Table

Brief Review

You may have heard about this stylish table before. It is simply gorgeous, with a solid structure and traditional design. When we reviewed various foosball table brands, we regularly noticed that many users love this table based on looks alone.


This table is ideal for any gathering, such as with friends and family, at home or in the basement, and it will always give you real excitement. Not only is it a looker, but it also boasts some of the fastest foosball table gameplay in its price range.

The table has a tournament-sized playfield, which can provide excitement and an authentic experience for hours. It also features chrome-plated hollow steel rods with ergonomic grips for comfortable use. You will also find 26 individual molded players in the package, which you can switch in and out at will.

The range of materials used to build this table is impressive in its own right. The table involves an outstanding combination of plastic, rubber, wood, and steel. It gives the impression that the designers used the best possible materials for the job, and you’ll experience their efforts first-hand if you decide to go with the Sweeper. The body is made of wood, while hollow steel rods ensure durability and stability.

Another unexpected feature is the leg-levelers addition in this table. To enjoy a smooth playing surface, you can adjust the table with these levelers. You will also get two soccer-style balls, which can make your game more enjoyable. There is a manual scorer on each side of the table to keep track of goals as they go in and it all adds up to a hugely enjoyable experience. The dimensions of the table are 50.5 x 24.3 x 4.7 inches, making it close to tournament-level specs.



Overall, this is one foosball table that I believe has the potential to exceed any expectations. You and your family or friends can enjoy a one-off match or an entire tournament on this table with no signs of it slowing down. If excitement drives your purchase decisions, the Triumph Sweeper gets the job done in style.

Giantex 47″ Foosball Soccer Table

Brief Review

The Giantex 47″ Table is the perfect addition to any indoor amusement area with family, friends, or even colleagues. This is a brand new addition to the Giantex range and boasts numerous high-quality features introduced by the Giantex brand. The small table features MDF construction, strong steel rods with slide bearings that provide smooth rotation. It is also equipped with a ball serving cups on both sides for convenience.



The table comes with a design that, while not as stunning as the competition, remains stylish and appealing, while also benefitting from extra strength thanks to its crossbar support.

This table also includes the following features:

  • Professional soccer field
  • Custom-molded players
  • A scoring system on each side

It came as a surprise to see just how many great, professional-grade features Giantex managed to cram in at this price range. It has an internal ball retrieval system and plastic manual slide scorers by each goal. You will enjoy a smooth playing surface that’s built to last and ranks among the best you’ll find at this price-point. The weight of the table is 42 pounds, and the dimensions are 48 x 24 x 31 inches.

This new edition of the Giantex table is very easy to use. It comes with all necessary parts in the package, and so assembly will be elementary for anyone that can follow instructions. One point I should make is that all the connections should be tightened correctly before use, as this table relies more than most on the interactions between moving parts for the best experience. Giantex also recommends that the included Foosballs should be kept away from children under three.



So, you can enjoy a lot of fun on this Giantex gaming table. I would highly recommend this option in this price range. You can go with this one and start your foosball soccer career, with a table that will keep up as your skills improve.

Best Family Foosball Tables [$200-$500]

When you enter this kind of price range, the most significant improvement you’ll find is the improved construction and reliability of the tables. I picked out some great options among the budget selection, but they are genuine stars of the price range. Here, proper construction comes as standard, enabling us to focus more on features and extras.

This is what I consider as the most mainstream price range, where you can expect value for money and a table that’s great for kids, adults, and aspiring professionals. With this in mind, if I were to choose a new foosball table for my home, I would make the Hathaway Primo my first choice. I’ll get to the specifics of that table in a moment. However, I’d also like to mention that this category offers great fun, easily suits the kids and also looks great in any gaming room.

Hathaway Primo:

Brief Review
best foosball table

You can trust the Hathaway Primo to meet your demands within your budget, as arguably the best foosball table of all in this price range. It sits towards the upper end of the price range, but it boasts the quality levels and features that still manage to represent outstanding value for money. The Hathaway Primo Soccer Table is an excellent choice for everyone from hardcore competitors to beginners. It contains simple features that can easily suit kids and beginners but will be indispensable for taller adults too. It is appealing to everyone(including kids and teens) as you can see from the image above and will fit well in any living room or gaming area.


  • Dimensions: 55 x 29 x 36 Inches
  • Weight: 167 Pounds
  • Rods and Handles: Chrome Plated Tubular Steel Rods
  • Goalies: 1
  • Side Ball Returns: YES

You can already tell from the pictures just what an attractive proposition this football table can be. It was designed to include an independent stabilizing leg leveler and a thick MDF playing surface. First of all, you notice the significant level of ball control. Foosball players all do their job well, ensuring you have nobody but yourself to blame when you lose!

They offer counterbalanced Robo-style players with a grip on their tapered toes. Getting this lucrative feature in such an attractively-priced table is a real plus.

The counterbalance feature keeps them out of your way when not in use, letting the game flow perfectly, simultaneously staying calm and hassle-free.

Quality design means quality performance. The primary game-enhancing feature is solid steel rods fitted with wooden handles that are ideal for this table. The wooden handle on each rod also makes for an attractive addition.

It provides a firm grip, which translates to much better control of the players. They glide smoothly through fast, E-Z spin bearings. Good bearings make for a fast-paced game.

The other important gameplay factor is the playing field, and here, it’s smooth and level, thanks to a construction from a quality medium-density fiberboard.

The side ball return is probably the best feature of all. It helps to avoid awkward moments when retrieving the ball and also accelerates easy ball retrieval to keep the momentum of the game going.


  • Smooth, Fast Gameplay For spin Bearings
  • Easy Ball Retrieval
  • Suitable For All Experience Levels
  • A Variety Of Professional Features
  • Designed With a Beautiful Espresso Finish
  • 180-Day Manufacturer Warranty


  • Assembly Is Required
  • Medium Density Fiberboard


KICK Ambassador, 55 in

Brief Review
best foosball table

The KICK Ambassador, 55 is another quality offering from the same company that manufactures what is, in my opinion, the best table foosball all-rounder. It is similar to the Royalton model featured here in terms of quality, design, and size. This is a sturdy, durable table and suitable for all players.


  • Dimensions: 55″x 29″x 36″
  • Weight: 126 Lbs
  • Goalies: 1 or 3 Goalies Configuration
  • Ball Return: Ball Return on Each Side
  • Counter-Balanced Players: YES

This Kick Ambassador is an extremely durable table as it’s heavy and has sturdy 5″ coal-black legs, which provide maximum stability during gameplay.

The playfield is excellent and precisely balanced to ensure minimal dead spots, while the mahogany finishing, thick cabinet, and extra features provide players with a masterful playing experience.

The table comes with a ramp kit that allows you to set up either a one-person goalie or three-person goalie configuration. If you decide to use the one-person goalie, you need to use the ramp kit, which has four ramps to place in the corners as the goalie can’t reach them unaided. It also includes plastic rings to put on the goalie rods to cover up the holes where the other two players would be. When using the three-person goalie configuration, you do not need the ramps or rings.

As it features counterbalanced robo-style players like the Royalton, you can take shots and make passes with more accuracy. The table comes with ball returns on each side, as well as slide scoring markers at each end.

KICK has tried to add the best features in this table, and they have done an outstanding job, especially considering that it’s competing with some professional tables like the Warrior Pro.

Look no further; this is the table you’ve been looking for with the quality you can trust if your budget is around this price range. The KICK Ambassador is here. If you want it, I can say with certainty that it would be a fantastic addition to any gaming setup.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Extremely Durable and Elegant
  • Counter Balanced and Uniformed Players
  • One or Three Goalie Options
  • Suitable For Players Of All Ages


  • Labeling Is A Challenge, But a Simple One


Atomic Pro Force 56″ Table 

Brief Review


The functionality, affordable price, and sturdy structure came to the fore when I decided to put the Atomic Pro Force into this category. It has a traditional and stylish look that would easily fit into your game room or even the professional office environment.


  • Dimensions: 56″ L x 29.5″ W x 34.5″ H
  • Weight: 144 pounds
  • Rods and Handles: Hollow chrome steel rods with comfortable octagonal rubber handles
  • Construction Material: MDF
  • Goalie: Three-man
  • Ball Return System: Internal ball return and ball entry

The durable MDF construction features rich bamboo laminate, which is suitably flat for smooth play.

The table comes with hollow chrome steel rods that enable the fast-paced gameplay that many players crave. Moreover, the octagonal rubber handles also assure a firm grip, which is a plus for comfortable gameplay.

Angled buffers on the side of the playing surface prevent the ball from sticking to the sides. This feature also further boosts the idea of fast and smooth gameplay.

It has heavy-duty legs, and each one includes 3.5″ leg levelers for an even playing field. It is a high-quality pick for active play.

The table weighs 144 pounds, which is not enough for a consistent, aggressive game. Nevertheless, it is a decent option for regular use not only by adults but teens too.

The table comes with robo-style players, but they are not counterbalanced. Nevertheless, they are of high quality as the players are made from a durable plastic material that extends their lifespan and will keep them kicking and passing for many years to come.

So, it is a good option for young adults and beginners to have a lot of fun. If you have a small budget, but you want a decent purchase for family fun, there are professional elements to the Atomic Pro Force that go above and beyond what you might for the price. If you decide to turn professional at any point, you’ll need an upgrade. However, if your ambitions extend no further than the games room, this table will have you covered for a long time to come.


  • Adjustable Leg Levelers
  • Smooth and Fast Gameplay
  • Sturdy and Quality Build
  • Manual Scoring System
  • Decent Option for Regular Use


  • Players are not Counterbalanced
  • Not a Tournament Table

Eastpoint Sports Ellington

Brief Review

best foosball table

The Eastpoint brand has introduced many classic tables, so and they are widely considered among the biggest names in the foosball table business. The Eastpoint Sports Ellington is one of their official competition-sized tables. It is fabulous for hours of fun with friends and family, and won’t let you down if the games become more serious. The table includes many great features, but we’ll get things underway with the key specs.



  • Dimensions: 60″ L x 29.75″ W x 34″ H
  • Weight: 110.23 lb
  • Rods: Hollow steel player rods
  • Foosball Players: Robo-style players

The Eastpoint Sports Ellington is an excellent addition to any basement, living room, or rec room for long-lasting entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

The table comes with weighted and balanced players. You can enjoy maximum power and accuracy with its high-performance steel rods by spinning and sliding them easily.

The table includes all the necessary accessories that you need to play. There are extra foosballs to maximize gameplay time, too – something often overlooked at this kind of price range.

Perhaps the most outright attractive part of this table is the scoring system. It has a beaded style system that boosts both the convenience and design of this Ellington table.

Though it is an official competition table in terms of size, it is suitable for players of all ages.

The Ellington model includes robo-style foosball players, which are held together by particularly durable rods. This guarantees a robust, reliable setup in the long run that will not let players down even when playing at their most intense.

The Eastpoint Sports Ellington is a fantastic option for anyone that wants a full-sized tournament foosball table without spending the big bucks. It lacks some top-end features, just as you might expect for the price. However, the importance of size should not be understated, especially if you want to take your skills beyond the home. By playing and practicing on a full-size table, you can begin to hone your skills and work on your angles to boost your abilities as you practice.


  • Robo Style Players
  • Competition Size Table
  • Shim Pack for Easy Levelling
  • Extra 4 Textured Foosball Balls
  • Bead Style Scoring System


  • Not a Tournament Table

ESPN Arcade Foosball Soccer Table

Brief Review

best foosball table

The ESPN foosball game table comes with the quality of craftsmanship and class you might expect from one of the biggest sporting brands in the world. It is easy to compare to a professional-grade table to enjoy a game whenever you wish, and while there are obviously better tables out there at higher prices, this one won’t let you down at all for domestic use.


  • Dimensions: 54 x 27.2 x 34 inches
  • Weight: 54 x 27.2 x 34 inches
  • Rods: 5/8 inch chrome-plated rods
  • Players: Hand-painted players

This table is robust, reliable, and durable, although you should take extra care during the assembly process compared to many other tables. While strong and reliable once constructed, some of the pieces are more fragile than we would potentially like to see and only come into their own when fully put together. With that said, we would advise care during the construction process regardless, so this is in no way a slight on the qualities of this table.

This table has 5/8 inch chrome-plated metal rods that ensure durability and a decent level of control during play. This is improved yet further by the fact that players have four padded handles to use on both sides of the table. Players can easily control the ball as well as a game with these solidly-constructed rods and handles.

There is a protective leg cushion that is strong enough to sustain the heavy-duty nature and weight of the table. It also provides a barrier between the ground and the legs of the table, preventing direct contact.

It comes with hand-painted players with two colors, and all 26 players are set decisively in position to ensure more precision and accuracy while playing the game.


  • Metal Rods and Padded Handles
  • Arm Rotation is Smooth
  • Moderate Ball Control
  • 90 Days Warranty


  • Assembly is Relatively Difficult
  • Easy to Damage During Assembly without Due Care


Atomic Eurostar

Brief Review

best foosball table

This is another classic table that easily makes the cut of our top-line reviews in 2020. The Atomic Eurostar, as the name suggests, draws inspiration from the popular European style of table foosball and implements a wide range of great features that ensure that it continues to stand out.


  • Dimensions: 58.63L x 28.75W x 34.5H
  • Weight: 105 lbs
  • Rods: Chrome hollow steel rods
  • Handles: Octagonal handles
  • Players: European-style players

For those unfamiliar with the European style of foosball, the Eurostar table can be compared to the European games that are famous for ball control, and where they typically play with cork balls to pin down on the table.

The Eurostar is a luxury foosball game table. The entire table is made of MDF, which is durable. It has a 3/8″ playfield, combined with an 11/4″ support brace. The size and support combine to guarantee smooth gameplay at all times.

There are some fantastic aesthetic and quality-based features, too, such as chrome steel goals and a manual bead scoring system to enable players to track the progress of the game easily. That all combines with an internal ball return system that cuts down on breaks in play and keeps the momentum going.

The Eurostar has chrome-plated rods along with soft-touch rubber handles. You will always enjoy a firm grip while controlling the ball.


  • Laminate Sides and Black Cabinet.
  • Engineered Wood with Playfield Support Brace
  • Internal Ball Return, Ball Entry, and Side Return
  • 1.5” Leg Levelers for Even Playing Field
  • Integrated Cup Holders and Abacus-Style Scoring


  • Requires Some Maintenance to Remain In Top Condition.
  • Potentially Suitable for Tournament Play, but There are Better Options Out There.


Barrington Foosball Table

Brief Review

best foosball table

For anyone that likes the value for money in their foosball table to be loaded into the materials used, it is hard to go wrong with the Barrington Foosball Table.


  • Dimensions: 56 x 29 x 34 inches
  • Weight: 126.5 pounds
  • Players: Robo-style players
  • Legs and Levelers: Metal leg design and hidden leg levelers

This table is based around a sturdy mechanism from the house of Barrington. The high-quality construction of the table, together with its classic look, combine to make it both highly durable and elegant.

The table comes with bronze fixtures, varnished ergonomic handles, and smooth spin rods which do plenty to boost the fantastic aesthetic. The table looks great, but it performs in every department players would expect, such as with sturdy hidden leg levelers that ensure solid gameplay for years to come.

The table is superior in construction as it is built around the A-style metal leg design, along with long-lasting, heavy-duty wood veneer top rails and aprons. It also has a slick finished playfield, which is fast and sturdy during gameplay. The beaded scoring system has received an overhaul too, giving an ornamental look to the table.

This is a perfect table for home game rooms. It would be a great addition to your office, apartment or basement to enjoy classic competitive games with your friends and family for hours on end.

Incidentally, Barrington uses the same focus on visual appeal and overall quality to also produce a foosball coffee table that will enhance your room decor and provide you with a great base on which to enjoy your leisure time.


  • Professional Quality Table
  • Vintage Style Scoring Pegs
  • Robo Style Players
  • Two premium Balls
  • Highly Durable


  • Players Are Not Counterweighted


Best Foosball Tables for The Money[$500-$1000]

This category is for regular foosball players and those that intend to take their skills to the next level. If you focus on build quality, features, and gameplay, you need to look no further than this coverage.

Here, you’ll find tables built with high precision and that offer optimum control during gameplay. We have reviewed and listed the tables in this category based on their stability, durability, performance, and overall quality. Once you reach this pricing tier, there is no better place to start than the fantastic Warrior Professional foosball table.

Warrior Professional Table

Brief Review

best foosball table

Here, I cover the latest edition of the best-rated table around, the Warrior Professional. If you are a regular foosball player and want to take your gaming skills to the next level, or you demand a quality table that will enhance your gaming experience, this is the pick that demands the most consideration.

Our experts have researched this table thoroughly and confirmed that it is built to the highest standards to provide optimum performance during gameplay.

You should expect to see mid-level and higher-end tables from some of the top brands in this feature, just as you’d expect as you approach the $1,000 mark.

We have listed those kinds of soccer tables based on durability, stability, performance, and overall quality. However, the Warrior Professional Table takes the butter for me regarding all of these factors. It’s simply the best table based on its quality, performance and price. While there are some better tables out there, pound for pound – or dollar for dollar – this table continues the fantastic legacy of the company.


  • Dimensions:  56″x30″x36″
  • Weight: Approx 200 lbs When Assembled
  • Rods and Handles:  Solid Chrome Steel Rods with Rubber Handles
  • Foosball Players: ABS Plastic
  • Goalies: One Each Side

The Warrior Professional Table is the only table that is certified by both the ITSF and USTSF player organizations. It is used in a large number of professional tournaments year-round. This table is more luxurious than on any other table in this budget and is as close as you will get to an actual tournament table at this price. Perhaps the biggest highlight involves the Warrior players, which boast unprecedented control over the ball, allowing perfect shots and passes by players that have the skill levels to measure up to them.

The table is designed according to international standards with one goalie and 11 counter-balanced black and red players. Warrior’s unique Rod Guard system prioritizes the safety of players and spectators. This helps for home use, too, as it is considered one of the safest tables for young kids.

The handgrips are incredibly comfortable because of their sturdy rubber construction, while swivel foot levelers reduce movement and make leveling easy.

The players are all counter-balanced and have slightly wider feet than the norm, with well-crosshatched pointed toes.

Another top feature is a well-built laminate playing field, which facilitates excellent play. It’s thick with a slightly composed finish that offers just the perfect amount of grip to control the game.  Players that have tried the table are always satisfied with what they can do and the ball control they obtain. Indeed, many experts have reviewed this table as the best field you will encounter in this price range. Players that have mastered their shots can take full advantage of the surface, as split bearings provide faster and more powerful shots.

Incidentally, Warrior also makes what I consider to be the best foosballs. No matter which table you buy, you can also purchase warrior pro foosballs to enjoy a more precise game.

As expected, the Warrior Pro table features a side ball return system that makes ball retrieval easy. The table is reassuringly heavy with thick legs, so stability is not an issue. Furthermore, assembly of the Warrior Pro is among the easiest of any table I’ve reviewed and at any price point, with the manufacturer claiming it takes just less than 20 minutes to assemble.

We can sum up that Warrior Pro is a compact package of class, durability, and excellent game controlling ability.


  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Fast Rod Bearings
  • Smooth and Safe Gameplay
  • Classic Design with Banked Corners
  • Counter-Balanced Players
  • Suits Everyone
  • Most Affordable Among Pro-Level Tables


  • Might Make You Want Another Upgrade When You See the Performance!

KICK Royalton, 55 in

Brief Review

best foosball table

Become royal with a purchase of this new elegant styled KICK Royalton! The Royalton is tailored for the use and play of intermediate Foosball players all around the world and backs that up through the fact that this is one of the most versatile tables you will find on the market today.

This table is the right fit for those players who want an unforgettable game experience. In the context of the Warrior Pro, this table also provides the opportunity to enhance your game control and skills like never before, and like only a few other tables in this price range.  Add its precise player control, excellent field balance and specially designed, easy-dribbling foosball players, and you are all but assured that the KICK Royalton will offer a great game experience.


  • Dimensions:   55″x 30″x 36″
  • Weight:  121 Lbs
  • Goalies: 1 or 3 Goalies Configuration
  • Rods and Handles: Chrome Plated Rods With Plastic Handles
  • Features: Premium Bearings, 2 Chrome Cup Holders

You can perform faster shots on this table, as the rods are solid and covered with lubricant, while the table has premium bearings which also facilitate smoother and speedier rod turns.

The most attractive feature for everyone – myself included – that you will rarely find on most tables at this price point is the inclusion of unique one or three goalie options. This feature enables you to set up the table according to your style and whether you’re in a game or practice situation. The side ball return is another fantastic addition to this table.

The only problem seen somewhat regularly on this table involves reports from some customers that their delivery packaging was subpar. The KICK team has tried to fix this issue as of late, so I don’t expect any more shipping issues for buyers, but always be prepared and order from somewhere reliable, like Amazon, in case you need to change or return your order.

Assembly of the table is straightforward thanks to its very easy-to-follow manual.

According to its price, quality, and durability, this is a perfect table for both fun and competitive gaming. Are you a beginner, intermediate or pro player? Wherever you are on the skill ladder, you can go for it to sample the best experience and your play will always be highlighted by a fresh glow that can always be relied upon to illuminate the action.


  • Multiple Goalie Options
  • Counter Balanced Player Set AND Uniformed Player Set
  • Extremely Durable and Elegant
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Assembly
  • Unforgettable Gaming Experience
  • Sturdy, Quality Build


  • Some Reported Shipment Issues

Atomic Gladiator 56″ Game Table

Brief Review

best foosball table

The Gladiator is an excellent option for beginners through to intermediate players, along with young adults that seek vigorous games and the coolest playfields. It comes complete with a great set of features too.


  • Dimensions: 56″x 31.25″x 34.75″
  • Weight: 226 pounds
  • Ball Return: Internal Ball Return System And Ball Entry
  • Counter-Balanced Players: NO
  • Features: Integrated Cup Holders and Abacus Scoring With 4 Foosballs

The Atomic Gladiator features black and red teams facing off on a green playfield, which is designed to look like an actual soccer field. In terms of durability, the table is constructed with heavy MDF aprons with solid chrome 5/8″ steel rods that use easy-to-grip octagonal wood handles.

You can experience a smooth and fair game thanks to three and half-inch leg levelers which provide stability and a well-leveled playing field, with only some minor dead zones.

There are some standard features in mid-level tables such as solid steel construction, which provide them great gameplay with a faster move and spin.

There are easy and quick ball retrievals thanks to the side ball returns, and you can enjoy fast-paced gameplay as wooden handles add more control in the game. I guarantee you will like the integrated cup holders while playing as while they don’t affect the game itself, they’re among the best-designed holders I’ve ever seen.

Despite having all these features, its gameplay fails to reach the tournament level due to the non-counterbalanced players. If that’s an essential consideration for you, the Hathaway Primo wins.

There are clear assembly directions to put it together within a couple of hours if you are alone. If you are looking for tons of fun within your budget, this Gladiator table should be a great pick.


  • Easy Ball Retrieval
  • Sturdy With Leg Levelers
  • A Set Of Attractive Features
  • Excellent Green Playfield And Player Design
  • Good For Recreational Gameplay


  • Limited Warranty
  • Not An Official Tournament Table
  • Not Counterbalanced


Carrom Signature Table

Brief Review

best foosball table

The Carrom Signature meets the criteria of a great table, and it will serve as the focal point of your household game room for years to come. It combines quality with functionality, bringing all-star action to your home.


  • Dimension: 55 x 29 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 162 Pounds
  • Goalies: 1 or 3 Goalies
  • Rods and Handles:  Chrome-Plated Hollow Steel with Hardwood Handles
  • Features: Premium Bearings, Wood-Beaded Scoring System

The Carrom Signature model is a perfect fit for all players. It consists of a one-inch-thick MDF cabinet of Moroccan finish that complements a 0.375” playing area and is designed with bright graphics that will survive many years of intense play.

Cross supports underneath the playing surface ensure that the surface remains level for your fast-paced gameplay. Moreover, you will enjoy a smooth gaming surface thanks to the quality laminate finishing.

The hollow rods with premium bearings provide fast and smooth spin action.

You will find counterbalanced foosball players with a cross-hatched toe design to ensure grip for faster-paced play. So, you can find almost all the most essential features in this table compared to the tournament tables. It is capable of giving you a professional-level gaming experience without the premium price tag.

Assembly is not a big deal here.  I should mention that the weight might not be sufficient enough for pro players, but quite perfect for intermediate players for frequent recreational play.

I can sum it up by saying that the Carrom 55-inch Signature Table is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a thrilling casual play table with a hint of a professional touch to it.


  • Highly Durable
  • Beautiful Cabinet Finish
  • Fast Gaming Experience
  • 1 or 3 Goalies


  • Weight is Not Enough for Regular Aggressive Play


KICK Legend, 55 In

Brief Review

best foosball table

The KICK Legend is one of the best-selling pieces in our collection because of its swooping lines and warm chestnut color. Besides, the classy wood grain complements any decor in the home.


  • Dimensions: 55″ L X 31″ W X 35″ H
  • Weight: 143 pounds
  • Goalie: 1 or 3 goalie design according to player preference
  • Rods and Handles: Semi-solid chrome-plated player rods with eight non-slip black handles with screws
  • Counterbalanced Men: 26 counterbalanced player set

Before I get into the features, I’ll point out that this addition from the KICK brand comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty – and there is no better indication of a manufacturer’s faith in their products than a willingness to fix anything that goes wrong.

The cabinet of the table comes with mixed hardwood and medium-density fiberboard construction, which makes it extremely durable and elegant. Moreover, the playing field is ½” thick, which adds extra stability and also ensures fair play for everyone involved.

The ebony legs add a touch of magnificence, while 5” sturdy leg levelers offer extra durability. You can easily adjust your tables with these leg levelers according to your preference. The Kick Legend comes with counterbalanced players who are specially designed for comfortable dribbling and precise ball control.

Among the most attractive features is the goalie system, where players can configure the goalie rod with one or three players according to their skill level and the demands of the game.

In terms of assembly, KICK’s famously simple instructions ensure that buyers can assemble the table within 90 minutes with the help of a second person.

We did find one minor problem with this table when we researched it. It fails to trap high-speed balls, and some users also recommended to add a faded ball for more control over shooting and passing. Overall, however, the KICK will deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.


  • Premium Bearings
  • Convenient Ball Return on Each End of the Table
  • Free Shipping
  • 4 Balls Including 2 Official KICK Premium and 2 KICK Soccer Balls
  • Slide Scoring System
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty


  • Goal Construction Limits the Ability to Trap Balls Fired in at High Speed.

Kettler Weatherproof Foosball Table

Brief Review

best foosball table

When it comes to many of the tables that we have covered so far, we have suggested their use in game rooms, living rooms, offices, and other indoor spaces. However, as the name of the Kettler Weatherproof Foosball Table suggests, this table is an excellent option for those limited on indoor space, as you can position it just about anywhere. Naturally, you’re under no obligation to place it outside, and it performs exceptionally well in both indoor and outdoor spaces.


  • Dimensions: 58 x 46 x 35 inches
  • Weight: 132 pounds
  • Goalie: 1
  • Players: Counterbalanced
  • Rods and Handles: Telescopic rods with ergonomic handles

The durability and stability of this table are beyond doubt. The fact that it can endure outdoor conditions guarantees that it is built to last. The table comes with a robust weatherproof body. Moreover, the weatherproof resin and quality laminates used in cabinet construction ensure a quality gaming experience for years to come. There is even a drainage system at the end of the strong surface which uses sloping pieces of plastic to give the rain somewhere to go other than the field.

The best thing about this table is its toughened glass playfield.  You will usually only find this on truly high-end tables, but it ensures that there’s never any chance of games being rained off due to a waterlogged pitch. While the MDF playfields often found at this price point may warp over time, this one is fast and will remain smooth virtually forever.

The playing rods offer quick spin actions with zero resistance. They are telescopic with anti-rust chromium plating and are attached to the table with nylon bushing that allows for smooth turns. They also ensure safety during gameplay.

The players don’t have the grooved design I’ve seen elsewhere on their feet, but they can pass and shoot well as they are counterweighted. It’s a small price to pay, given that they are virtually unbreakable as they are plotted onto the rods.

There are zero dead spots on this table, made possible because the rails and corners of the cabinet keep the ball in play at all times.

If you want to enjoy quality games both outdoors and indoors but don’t want to cross the border of $1000, you can keep this in your gaming room or garden and enjoy a fantastic foosball experience.


  • Zero Dead Spots
  • Sturdy and Quality Build
  • Counterweighted Players
  • Three-year Warranty
  • Integrated Ball Drop, Ball Pocket Behind Each Goal


  • Potentially Too Lightweight for Competitive Play

American Heritage Billiards Carlyle Table

Brief Review

best foosball table

Bringing the $500-$1,000 selection to a close is the American Heritage Carlyle Series. This one is one of the most elegant tables from American Heritage Billiards, with the visual appeal that would feel right at home everywhere from a games room to a speakeasy.


  • Dimensions:  58″x31″x34″
  • Weight: 226 pounds
  • Goalies: 3
  • Foosball Players: Counterbalanced and old-style plastic players
  • Ball Return: Side Ball return

This table is undoubtedly very stable and durable. A beautiful maple wood espresso finish covers the cabinet and legs and makes this the most visually striking table in this category.

The table can sustain the toughest foosball game due to substantial weight. The players have round feet, but they don’t block your shots and pass well because they are counterbalanced.

The foosball players are well built. You can spin the rods freely, and the wooden handles offer you a firm and comfortable grip.

The side ball return works well, and it makes for easy ball retrieval that maintains the game’s momentum.

One downside compared to other tables is that it can sometimes be a challenge to find replacement parts if anything goes wrong. However, it is well-built enough in the first place that requiring a replacement is often highly unlikely.

Summing up, the Carlyle is an elegant and long-lasting table that offers excellent playability and sturdiness. Players who prefer quality and class will not regret investing in this one.


  • Elegant Design
  • Easy Ball Retrieval
  • Fair Gameplay
  • Counterbalanced Players
  • Dual Scorekeepers


  • Assembly is A Challenge and Requires Two People
  • Spare Parts can be Hard to Find

Professional Foosball Table[$1000+]

This is the category where serious foosball players gather to choose the perfect gaming tables to access high-end features that can enhance their foosball skills and take their tricks to the next level. We have created this category around high-end gaming tables from well-known top brands. These brands produce high-quality professional tables that are built to last and withstand years of aggressive, competitive gameplay.

If you take an interest in the competitive foosball scene, you will have heard of two leading brands in the market – Tornado and Garlando. They are top-rated for their tournament style products.

Alongside these two heavyweight brands, there are also other giants to consider. The likes of Shelti, Rene Pierre, and Dynamo also produce fantastic foosball tables that would serve as the pride and joy of any player – professional or otherwise.

It goes without saying that you can enjoy top-rated features, materials, and overall quality, going with any one of these tables. We have picked the tables that, more so than the competition, represent quality and value for money, while having a track record of customers that are highly satisfied with their quality and services.

Tornado Sport Table

Brief Review


The Tornado Sport Table is one of the crowning achievements of the Tornado brand. It is one of the best recreational play tables available on the market right now. It has not received ITSF certification yet, but only because the players are not counterbalanced. Nevertheless, you can boost your talent in foosball with its high-end features. It strikes the perfect balance between price and quality, to the point that even aspiring professionals will find it difficult to ignore.

This table is a perfect pick for all categories of foosball players. It is also quite affordable for a household. If you are a fan of the brand and would like to know more about their specialist tables, please visit our complete tornado soccer table reviews to see precisely what makes this brand so unique.


  • Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 205 pounds
  • Manufactured: Texas, USA
  • End Ball Return: Yes
  • Features: Abacus scoring, split bearings

This table adheres to excellent design and is built using only professional-quality materials. This table boasts a mahogany melamine finish on a 1” thick MDF cabinet.

Almost every table uses MDF. However, there are various standards, and once you find yourself within this price range, you will get a higher grade material that will surely last.

The Tornado Sport is designed for optimum ball control. To get the best value, it comes with adjustable leg levelers for precise control over the height for beginners as well as advanced players. 

The sure-grip black plastic handles provide comfort to rotate the rods easily. This table also boasts an advanced end-ball return system feature.

You can enjoy every game on a textured surface that exudes quality, and you won’t find any dead zones once you have the table aligned correctly. 

The table won’t budge even when the game gets rough. The thick legs stand firm and hold the table to the ground without giving an inch.

In all honesty, if you want a taste of the professional foosball gaming experience, you can go with any one of the Tornado brand tables. However, the Tornado Sport checks virtually all the boxes for anyone that wants professional-grade gameplay in a home environment.


  • Great Quality
  • Sturdy and Durable Construction
  • Fast and Smooth Rod Spins
  • Optimum Ball Control
  • Height Adjustable Leg Levelers


  • Players are not Counterbalanced


Garlando – G-5000 Wenge Table

Brief Review


Garlando is a major name in the European foosball industry, but their reputation extends globally, and rightly so. The brand has over sixty years of experience in producing the finest-quality tables. If you want a European-style table, the Wenge represents everything you may have hoped for and more.

The Garlando G-5000 checks all the boxes when it comes to the look, feel and gameplay, and attracts plenty of interest from players that want a table that can serve as an excellent conversation piece as much as something on which to play. The Wenge is dark wood and extremely durable, just as you might expect from a foosball table crafted with the same material as used to create hardwood flooring and staircases.


  • Dimensions 59 x 43.2 x 36.2 inches
  • Weight: 176 pounds
  • Materials: Plastic laminate coating, high-quality plywood cabinet
  • Side Ball Return: Yes
  • Manufacturer: Garlando

This professional quality table from Garlando will last a lifetime as it is extremely sturdy and durable. It incorporates a 1.5” high-quality multi-layer plywood cabinet coated with plastic laminate. This feature will keep the table looking in fine form for years to come.

It provides excellent stability with its 1.5” slanting Beachwood legs. The leg levelers we have come to expect from any foosball table in this price range also help to create a perfectly flat playing field.

It utilizes telescopic rods and professional plastic handles with wooden inserts to reduce the effect of sweat and improve grip.

The 2/3” high-stress resistance steel telescopic safety bars are coated with anti-rust chromium-plating to ensure that every component will last a lifetime.

The table also features steel roller bearings that deliver super speedy response times and strikingly smooth action, while also reducing the stress on each player’s wrists.

As I’ve covered previously in our buying guide, European-style tables use a single goalie, as is standard on all professional tables.

So, if you’ve had your eye on European tables for a while, the Garlando G-5000 sets the standard and can serve as a worthy investment for players of all levels.


  • Two Years Warranty
  • Provides Optimum Durability
  • 10 White Standard Ball Supplied
  • Steel Roller Bearings
  • Thick and Durable Cabinet


  • Players Aren’t Counterbalanced
  • Perhaps More Expensive Than It Needs to Be

Tornado Classic Table

Brief Review


The Tornado brand has released many different foosball tables, the best of which you can read all about here on the site. They sit at the premium end of the domestic market, so it is no surprise to see them making their second appearance in this category.

The Tornado Classic is a luxurious offering from the manufacturer and anyone that invests in this table will benefit not only from a quality foosball table but also the world-class after-sales and customer service for which Tornado is renowned.

If you are looking for a great table to install in your gaming, or even a commercial space, the Tornado Classic Table is a great fit.


  • Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 225 pounds
  • Goalies: 3
  • Playing Rods & Handles: Hollow steel Rods with a Wooden Finish
  • Side Ball Returns: Yes
  • Cabinet: 1-1/2″ thick cabinet

The Tornado Classic is much more affordable than many other options with the same kinds of features and materials. We know that in order to purchase a top brand table, it will cost a little more than an alternative from a cheaper brand. This feature is all about the best of the best at different price points, and we haven’t reviewed any low-quality tables in our guide. As you’d expect, a low price means low quality. What sets the lower-priced tables apart from the higher-priced, such as the Tornado Classic, is quality and features. With that said, I stand by each table mentioned so far in representing outstanding value for money. With all that said, the Tornado Classic might be better than any of them.

It has a 1.5-inch thick cabinet with a black leather finish and will withstand full-pressure gameplay for years. I should mention that it has a 3/4 inch laminate playing surface that adds durability, ensures faster ball speed and accurate ball control.

In addition, the rods are covered with wooden handles that ensure smooth and fast-paced gameplay. The table is very sturdy in any situation. The table remains solid as a rock and will not move an inch, regardless of how rough a game gets.

The table also features an advanced internal routing system, which means that the ball comes out to a single position on the side of the table after each goal.

There are no dead spots, just as you’d expect at this price, although I did have one issue. Tornado is an American brand and so, unsurprisingly, it comes with a three-goalie setup as standard. This is difficult, if not impossible to change, so this table is unsuitable for anyone seeking to practice to take their talents internationally.

Nevertheless, both amateurs and professionals alike love the Classic table. It is simply one of the best US-format foosball tables you can buy today and if you like the idea, but want to know what else Tornado has in store; I invite you to check out our Tornado Tables full review guide to see what else the brand can do.


  • Very Affordable for the Quality
  • Heavy and Durable
  • Internal Routing System
  • Black Leather Finish on the Cabinet
  • Never Flinches in the Face of Aggressive Play


  • Heavyweight Design Can Make Assembly a Challenge
  • Not as Durable as the Tornado 3000


Tornado Elite Table

Brief Review


If you think about a table for foosball, the name Tornado automatically pops up in your mind. The brand has been providing quality tables with quality parts for over four decades. The Tornado Elite is proudly one of them. It is one of the best professional-level tables available on the market and represents the pinnacle of foosball tables you can order today.

It is the perfect option for advanced as well as intermediate players.


  • Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 36 inches
  • Weight:  225 pounds
  • Rods & Handles: Solid Chrome Rods with Natural Wood Handles
  • Counterbalanced Players: Counterbalanced Players with Redesigned Feet
  • Goalies: Traditional 3 Goalies Configuration
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Different tables help with different areas of the game. If you specialize in something, the chances are there’s a table out there that can highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses. However, if your goal is simply to become the best foosball player you possibly can be, the Tornado Elite is perhaps the best table you can buy.

The Tornado Elite ensures excellent rigidity and stability during play.  It is built upon a very thick MDF cabinet which guarantees a solid foundation.

It also includes high-end table features. This table also consists of a laminate playing field, hollow steel rods and the most attractive feature of all; patented split bearings. They enable super-fast rod spins and fast-paced games that even professionals would envy.

The solid steel rods provide safe and fun gameplay while the natural wood handles ensure a firm grip for better ball control and rod movements.

Unlike the other tables covered in this category, the Tornado Elite also incorporates counter-balanced players, bringing it even closer to the professional, internationally recognized tournament tables.

You won’t find any dead spots playing on the smooth surface of the table. The thinner inner bearing design assists in the prevention of the ball passing between the men and the wall.

Incredibly, even as one of the most expensive foosball tables in this feature, the Tornado Elite still manages to stand out as being one of the best value for money options. It is the cream of consumer foosball tables, with the only potential drawback being that it is so rugged and well designed that assembly might take a while. If you’re considering buying this one but you’re not yet convinced, check out the Elite alongside other Tornado tables by clicking here.


  • Adjustable Leg-Levelers
  • Smooth and Easy Ball Retrieval
  • Thinner Inner Bearings, Perfect for Shot Blocking
  • Very Durable and Sturdy
  • Quality Rods and Smooth, Hard Field


  • Securing the Players on the Rods is a Challenge

You can also check out our Harvard foosball table guide for tables manufactured by Escalade Sports’ parent company.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide:

“If you want a better outcome, you should take better actions.” According to this method, we have put together some great tips to choose the best foosball table. There are different models for different uses and styles and my ultimate goal is to create a resource that adds value to beginners and professionals alike. So, if you want to buy a table to play foosball, you have to be aware of significant factors to get the best value.

Which Category will Meet Your Demand?

As you prepare to buy, you need to ensure that you look at tables that will do what you need them to do, all while considering value for money and a table that will last for many years to come.

Beginners/Home/Family Use:

You might be thinking that a soccer table would be a great addition to your family room for unlimited fun and that means taking a closer look at entry-level tables. The ones that are primarily aimed at kids are lightweight and have a short height. The American Legend Charger 52’’ table is an excellent example of a great starter table for kids, as it is relatively small but still big enough for the adults to get involved.

For something that the whole family would enjoy, you will have to move up in your price range. There are standard enough tables in this range that will suit both adults and kids. A good example is the Hathaway Primo Soccer Table.

 Intermediate/Adults use:

For most people, this is the category that you’re most familiar with right now. If it’s going in the bar room, office room, or at your home, then you need a durable table that can handle heavy use. These are designed to stay in one place, so they are often rather heavy due to being constructed of solid wood.

For this reason, you should consider the mid-level tables for your needs. You can focus on the Kick Triumph Black, Kick Royalton and some other mid-range tables from our reviewed list. These tables are suitable for serious recreational play by adult, intermediate and even advanced players.

Professional Tables:

If you want to accelerate your gaming skills or have an interest in playing in tournaments, then you should be looking into this category. There’s no better way to enhance your skills at foosball without playing on an ITSF certified training table – and they are prohibitively expensive for home use.

Garlando, Bonzini, and Tornado produce some of the tables used in ITSF tournaments. So, if you want to climb that professional ladder, these are the brands you should consider first, even if you go for something other than the top of the range model.

Outdoor Tables:

There are many options out there by way of top-grade tables but there are different models for different usage. Outdoor tables have a water-tight seal design which allows them to withstand wet and wintry conditions.

I suggest you evaluate the models from either Garlando or Kettler to get the best experience because they are the two brands in the market that boast an excellent reputation for producing the best outdoor tables.

Consider Whether The Table Will Fit in The Room

A soccer table is always a great addition to your gaming room. However, the most important thing to consider is the space and ensuring that there’s enough room for people to stand comfortably without interference.

There is a standard tournament size for foosball tables, but recreational tables come in various shapes and sizes. If you want the regulation size, you will need a 56’’ table. Considering standard size tables, the minimum recommended area is approximately 8 feet by 7 feet. However, for any other table football, using the dimension of the table and the length of the rods, you can determine the space needed.

What Key Factors Do You Need to Know for Your New Game Table?

The best foosball tables represent a sizeable expense, so it makes perfect sense to take your time and do your research to ensure you get the best table for your needs. In addition to your own demands, there are some warning signs which should not be ignored. Now, I’ll talk about the key variables which should be taken into account. These are real-world considerations that ensure you ultimately make the right purchase decision.

Quality of the cabinet:

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a common material for the cabinet on any foosball table. It does not warp with time, nor is it affected by humidity, yet it’s reasonably priced.

A good quality cabinet will have thick sidewalls built from quality materials. Anything lower than 1-inch thick might suffer wear and tear within a year and that means you are going to have to order a replacement if you want your table to be in perfect working order.

There are several good quality tables with cabinets built from solid wood. These tables are restricted to more expensive categories for obvious reasons, but the additional expense can be worth it if you want a foosball table you can rely on to last for many years to come.

Playing Surface:

While attempting to figure out how fast the ball will travel, you should examine the surface of the table. A harder and much smoother surface will provide you with faster speeds and also help to enhance ball control.

best foosball table

I would caution you against tables with a particleboard playing surface. They consume moisture quickly and become soft, so after a couple of games, they lose shape. Also, try to avoid glossy or shiny finishes because they are slippery and it will be hard to keep the ball pinned or to control it with any degree of precision.

Foosball Men:

The shape and design of Foosball men and foosball players can vary, but the most important thing to look out for is the foot. They are such a valuable part of the gameplay experience that controls the ball and thereby provides a good grip. So, look out for men with feet that have a rough surface.

You simply cannot do well with players that have a round, glossy foot design which restricts ball control. But you can enjoy smooth, challenging gameplay if you consider the counterbalanced men option for your new game table.

This feature is lucrative because they remain in a horizontal position once released; hence they will create a more open field for clear shots and passes. You don’t want non-counterbalanced foosmen because they will continuously block your shots and passes, thereby making the game less challenging.

Foosball Balls:

We all know the importance of the ball in that without a foosball ball, there is no foosball match. However, foosball balls have a far more significant influence over the game than just that.

best foosball table

Foosball balls come in a variety of materials that can affect the speed of the game as well as the level of control your foosball men have and how much influence they can exert on their passes and shots at goal.

You might choose to go for Cork texture Warrior Foosball balls, which are easy to grip or to pin down against the field. The best part is that foosball balls are the cheapest parts to upgrade, so you can always get a new set of quality balls.

Rods and leg levelers:

The rods and leg levelers play a vital role in challenging gameplay. You can come across tables with either hollow or solid rods.

Hollow rods are a standard feature in all quality tables because they are lighter and thus, they turn smoothly and quickly making the game faster. These are the preferred choice if you want fast-paced gameplay.

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Solids rods are heavy, which tends to make the game slow but other rods, such as telescopic rods, can be expensive but provide safer gameplay.

Many people may overlook leg levelers; you should not make the same mistake. Table levelers are essential components of the foosball game because they ensure that the surface is straight and level. Their importance is often underestimated, but it forces both sides to play fairly.

best foosball tables

Ball Return:

Side ball return is crucially essential for an enjoyable game. This feature will allow easy retrieval so you can stay focused on the game and keep the momentum going.

Guarantees and warranties:

The majority of these products come with different types of warranty. It is essential to consider both the length of the warranty and also the manufacturer’s conditions.

I would recommend you go for tables that offer at least a one-year warranty as they give you ample time to confirm the quality of the table.

How Much is a Foosball Table?

Are you confused about price ranges? Let’s take a closer look.

If you want to spend around $500, you can get an impressive table for your family or personal use. But if you’re going to purchase a table that suits tournament play or commercial applications, you would probably need to spend around $1000. Moreover, you can find some decently affordable tables within the $200-$500 price range. Though they cannot be compared to the top of the line tables, you can get some decent foosball play on them, and they’re perfectly fine for fun, casual play.

Best Brands for Foosball

An indoor version of soccer, foosball is an ideal game for family, friends, and co-workers. However, you can enjoy a quality game by having a quality table. The table’s surface, material, players and controls all contribute to a smooth gaming experience.

If you want a heavy-duty table that you can use for years, invest in a product from any of the following top brands in the market.


Tornado is the most highly recommended brand for pro tables for foosball. They construct such tables that stand out for their weight, durability, and performance. Their products are part of the list of tables much favored by the ITSF.

For around four decades, they’ve been providing first-rate tables that have been appreciated by families, businesses and offices. The thickness of their playing surface is worthwhile as it adds to the toughness of the table.

Garlando – Italy

Garlando, an Italian foosball manufacturing company, is another top brand in the world with over six decades of experience in the industry. It provides players with European style tables with the one-person goalie setup.

The perfection of their work is such that the ITSF recognizes it. They offer fruitful features combined with safety measures and distinctive designs.

You will find their products to be exceptionally durable. Moreover, they are even one of the few high-end manufacturers to have a table made specifically for outdoor use.

Bonzini – France

Bonzini can be considered as the best in the world for elegant tables. Their tables are not mass-produced. Instead, each of the company’s tables is entirely handcrafted for lifetime durability.

Their product line is one of the most comprehensive, ranging from competitive to home and business. Their products include well-built cabinets, telescopic rods, attractive designs for various skills and ages, and superior ball control.


The Warrior is also a well-known brand that produces quality tables that are comparable to those of Tornado and Dynamo. The company operates out of Irvine, California and the owner, Brendan Flaherty, is a professional foosball player. If you are searching for the best American-style table, this is a brand you can trust.


KICK is one of the famous American companies that manufacture cost-effective tables that feature the traditional or old-school style play. It’s a brand that has been providing quality tables for a long time. The attractive part about this brand is their exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction as they offer a lifetime manufacturer warranty on all their tables.


Though it does not boast a long history on the foosball scene, Atomic is a brand that has been making arcade tables and sporting goods for many years. They have some quality mid-level tables designed for home use and younger players.


This brand is an American game manufacturer and has been in the market for more than ten decades, which means they have a stock of vast experience. The brand is well known for providing family fun tables for foosball that are not only of high quality but also very affordable.

What Is The Difference Between European and American Tables?

The goalie configuration system is the critical difference between these two types of tables. Most European tables have a one-goalie system while in the USA, the three-person goalie setup is the most popular.

Let’s have a look at the implications of three goalies vs. one goalie.

The three-person goalie system is designed for high-paced gameplay and the one-goalie is for more control and precision. If you are an experienced player or you want to enhance your skills, then the one-goalie system is more suitable.

Final Verdict

Now you are one step away from purchasing your dream foosball table, and I’d like to think you now know all there is to know about making the right decision. Much as with any consumer product, there really is something out there for everyone, from families that have never played foosball before to aspiring professionals that want the opportunity to hone their skills at home.

Once your new foosball table arrives, remember to come back to Foosball School, where you will find the ultimate playing guide to learn this game properly. With a good table for foosball, you will be able to pull off fantastic plays and tricks. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can even take your game to the next level with our unique hidden techniques to be good at your game, thus getting the most out of the brand new addition to your leisure space.