Best Mini Foosball Table Inc.Tabletop Table [Updated 2019]

Foosball is a game of immense entertainment for the family and friends. Every foosball enthusiast tries to make his/her game room more classy with a foosball table. But if you want to play in a small area, mini foosball tables are a great fit. We have reviewed our best mini foosball tables depending on the customers’ satisfaction.

Basically, mini foosball tables are lovable to kids. Some days before, I personally bought one for my daughter who is stepping into 3 years old. She is very happy with it. So, a mini foosball table strikes perfectly between money and value in a small apartment.

Moreover, adults can also enjoy fun on this table. Make sure and keep in mind that you aren’t playing your shots like in a full sized version. Because kids can’t generate more power compared to adults. Most of the tables can’t sustain intense hits and bumps for their less stability.

The tabletop or mini foosball tables can be put on any room in the house, in the office, on a kitchen table, or even on the floor. They are portable and very easy to assemble.

Don’t worry about which table is a perfect suit for you. If you’re reading this article, I can assure you that you will find the best solution for your kids.

Mini Foosball Table or Tabletop Foosball Table

These tables are basically smaller versions of full-sized tables. So, they are considered as tabletop foosball tables. You can find get these tables spending only a little money. The less price and small size make this category a good option for kids. But it doesn’t come with high-quality parts that large tables provide and it is expected.

Let’s start our journey to pick the best one for you.

1.Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

This is our best choice in this category because it achieved excellent reviews and customer feedback. This is solid entertainment for tabletop experienced players as well as for kids and teens. It’s a blast for the juniors.



This is crowned as #1 among our overall best picks for its quality and durability. You can enjoy a mini twist on this 40-inch tabletop foosball table. It may be a small one but mighty.


You can find a smooth game and stable situation because the surface uses MDF particle. Moreover, its ergonomic handles and sturdy rods ensure stronger and faster shots. Chrome plated steel rods and ergonomic rubber handles provide a comfortable fit in your hands.


I don’t forget to share that it has 3-man traditional goalie system which can help you taking tricky corner shots. The plastic soccer players enhance the exact passing and shooting.


  • Dimensions: 40’x20’x8′ inches
  • Weight: 15lbs
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Features: Manual slide scoring, 2 balls included, crisp graphics



  • 3- Goalie Configurations
  • Ergonomic Handles and Sturdy Rods
  • Convenient Ball Return System
  • Compact Size
  • Chrome Plated Rods with Rubber Grooved Handles


  • Assembly is a little Challenge as It Needs Approximately an Hour in Some Cases

2.Tabletop Foosball Table- Portable Mini Table 

If you are looking for a tabletop foosball table, you can have it. You don’t need to have a game room or basement to get this cool, table-top version of a foosball game. You don’t even know that it’s one of the best sellers for kids on Amazon. It is a great addition to almost any room in the house. So, you can enjoy a real life foosball action from any room in your house. This is not well built to last, but it’s unbeatable price tag and fun factor make it too popular among kids.



The advantage of this table is its portability. Where there is no room for a full-sized foosball table, like the kid’s gaming room, this table is the ideal space saving size.

This table comes packed with everything you need to enjoy a game in this budget. It is a combination of pressed wood. It features an easy ball return system which allows a smooth game.

This tabletop version also comes with two soccer balls. It offers one-on-one play or you can play on two-person teams.

This table is light in weight and easy to move which is helpful for kids to maneuver easily, yet sturdy enough for adults to enjoy as well. Moreover, you can stow away when not in use.

Overall, this table is a good pick for all ages. It can also get appreciation if it is set for the family game night.


  • Dimensions: 20 x 12.1 x 3.9 inches
  • Weight: 4.75 pounds
  • Warranty: Need to contact customer service for the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Features: Perfect version to make accurate shooting skills, goalie blocks, 360-degree spins.



  • Enjoy Real Life Foosball Action
  • Very Light in Weight
  • Portable to Carry Anywhere
  • Score Keeper


  • Not Very Sturdy Enough to Sustain Aggressive Gameplay

3.Harvil 38-Inch Tabletop Foosball Table

This foosball table is a fusion of youthful vive and quality. It comes with modern screen-printed graphics that adds charisma to your room. Harvil foosball table also cretaes an energetic atmosphere to your bedroom, game room, rec room or any other room.


This little table offers enormous features. It has a sturdy construction and a durable cabinet. The stable legs with non-checking pads ensure consistency and keep your floor without making any scratch.

It has also silver steel rods with non-slip rubber handles that offer smooth and quick moves. Ball pockets are used for easy retrieval and its deluxe bearings will offer you to get the optimum ball control. It will also help you to shot the ball exactly and improve your accuracy.

This foosball table also includes 3-goalie configurations to precise your corner shots. It is enough lightweight for easy transport and storage. The tabletop foosball table also adds manual scoring units on both sides for tracking scores and it comes with two black and two white foosball balls.


Overall, this table is one of the best space-sparing foosball tables in this category. You can enjoy many attractive features within this less budget. So, what’s more? Grab this offer to surprise your family and children and start making enormous fun on it.


  • Dimensions: 38 x 19.75 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 12.13 pounds.
  • Warranty: 90 days limited warranty
  • Features: Deluxe rod bearings, manual sliding scorer, crisp graphics



  • 3-Sturdy Goalie Configurations on Both Sides
  • 2 Manual Sliding Scorer Units
  • Easily Portable
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Assembly Needs One or More Hours to Complete. But You will Get Full Instructions

4.Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Foosball Table

A full-sized table is a viable option for your gaming room. But why mini foosball tables or tabletop tables are a solid choice? Basically, kids and teens love this category because of light weight and easy portability. They can start playing where they find any little space. The Mainstreet Classic table is also light in weight but the joints are solid to be reinforced in all the right places. So, you’ll enjoy a faster rods move than many mini foosball tables.



This table can be placed anywhere on a flat surface for enjoying dense fun. It includes two soccer style foosball balls, dual end ball returns and two manual sliding scorers for tracking scores.

You can get The Mainstreet Foosball Table without breaking the bank. You will find six rows of players on the table topper. Among them, three players in each row and one row with single goalie foosman.

The compact size of the table enables easy storage and portability. So, you can have this table to add in your stock for unlimited fun.


  • Dimensions: 34.8 x 22 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Assembly: Easy assembly
  • Features: Soccer style balls, sliding scorers


  • Quality Build
  • Solid Construction
  • Easy Portability


  • Little Expensive in This Category

5.T&S Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table Game

You can enjoy a fast-paced gameplay without buying a full-size foosball table with this classic tabletop soccer table. Don’t you believe it? It offers traditional thrilling foosball including rollovers, pull shots and pull kicks. Moreover, it is very handy to bring it to BBQs or parties.



The use of higher quality wood made it a bit heavier. And it helps to withstand wear and tear. As the legs are not designed with rubber padding, it might scratch if you attach it on any wooden table. To ignore this problem, you can add padding to the table.

In addition, It comes with four steel rods with standard plastic handles. Though they aren’t too classy, they come with grooves for better control. You will also get three rows with three players at each side.

So, if you enjoy a tabletop soccer game, you’ll be able to have fun wherever you go.


  • Dimensions:  27.5 x 14 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Assembly: Easy assembly with installation instructions
  • Features: Slide scorer, two soccer designed foosballs, six detailed soccer players.


  • Classic Slide Scoreboard
  • Detailed Soccer Players
  • Solid Construction
  • Replacements Parts are Available


  • Legs don’t Have Rubber Padding

Best Foosball Table for Kids

If you are reading this article, you must have acknowledged that I have admitted the term kids many times. Basically, this category is flourished with those tables that are really a great fit for them. If you want your kids to play foosball for discouraging them from devices, the best solution is to buy a smaller foosball table like a tabletop or mini foosball table. This type of foosball table is the perfect kids’ size foosball table as they are light in weight and greatly affordable. Moreover, they consume less space. A full-sized foosball table may not be a great fit for the kids. They may fail to reach the rods and playing surface of a large foosball table.

So, I personally suggest buying a tabletop foosball table for kids to avoid injuries. You can easily put them on a table or on a flat surface according to the heights of the kids. I bought a tabletop foosball table for my little angel a few days ago and she is spending more times playing on it.

How To Pick The Best Mini or TableTop Foosball Table


Does a Mini Foosball Table Provide Durability?

First of all, you need to consider the durability to purchase a mini foosball table. The terms durability varies from table to table. The tables which we have reviewed in our article, are made from either MDF material, or composite wood material. We had a brainstorming analysis to include these tables as our best picks. MDF is such kind of material that provides more durability than other regular composite wood.

Consider Safety for Lovable Kids

The tabletop foosball game is basically designed for kids and teens. According to my supervision, children like to put the small foosballs in their mouth. So,  cautions are needed to take for smaller kids in that aspect.

Moreover, some mini foosball tables may be broken into pieces after a lot of abuse. This scenario takes place when they are not built with MDF material. In the case of mine, I have found small cracks around the legs though they are not a threat to the table at all.

Is This lightweight or Easy to Assemble?

If you’ve read our article, you have known the whole thing. We have revealed our best picks which are really very light in weight. I hope you are expecting such kind of tables that are reviewed earlier. If the tabletop foosball tables are not lightweight, it would be very difficult to switch from one place to another. So, you can go with our recommended products as they serve all your purposes.


Undoubtedly, maximum tables are easy to assemble describing in our reviews. In addition, your kids can easily use it.

Should I Get A Mini Foosball Table?

A foosball game is an absolute blast for unlimited fun and entertainment with the family and friends. It totally depends on you in which table you are going to invest in. You don’t need a hall room or a large space to put it on. In a smaller space, you can keep it and start playing with your kids or friends. It is a great gift as you pick a pretty one spending a little money.

The Verdict

We have reached the bottom line. if you’re reading this article, probably you’re looking for the best decision. I hope you are a step away to make it happen. I personally suggest you that you can purchase the Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table or Sport Squad FX40  Foosball Table. They are a little bit expensive than other mini foosball tables. But I can assure you that the quality and value of these tables worth the extra bucks.

I have tried to explain this category clearly as much as I can and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I believe, now you know how portable and affordable these gaming tables can be. Kids can easily spend a couple of hours on them and it is helpful to keep them away from screens. So, if you go and get one of them, it would be a pleasure for our experts.