11 Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews to Boost Your Game (Updated in 2020)

best ping pong paddle

“You need a better sword to win the battle against your enemy”- that I believe. Just like this, the best ping pong paddle can decide the result of your game.

Ping pong (but officially known as table tennis) is one of most social and recreational sports in America. The popularity of this game is increasing drastically among schools, community centers, and recreational clubs. From kids to adults are playing this game more than ever.

According to the recent statistics, the ping pong paddle market has expanded a lot. there are more than 100 of paddles available in the market to decide from.

If you have crossed the beginner level, you might get a little overwhelmed about what to choose among all these available products.

“Which ping pong paddle is the best?” This is the most common question always pops up in our mind when we intend to buy a paddle.

But I can recommend that it varies from person to person according to their performance, age limit, playing style, and of course budget. All these factors work behind the scene to choose the Right paddle, not the Best one. Because the right ping pong paddle can complement your skill.

I can assure that there is no standard method of selection. The paddle with you prefer to play, may not work for others. So, this is a classic problem to choose the right one for you among the number of several paddle brands.

You can take your playing skill to another level playing with the right ping pong paddle. This is a very competitive sport and the perfect ping pong paddle unquestionably makes the difference.

In this extensive guide, I gathered all the very top performing ping pong paddle options for all categories players. It will not even hamper if you’re a defensive or offensive player, you can choose the right one that matches your talents and requirements.

We’ve rounded up the best 11 ping pong paddles in 2020 that provides promising performances.

You should go to the depth of this article to know the selection process and then bring your dream into reality purchasing the right one for you.

11 Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews on 2020

You will find the most popular ping pong paddles of 2019 in the following list. Just read our unbiased reviews and pick any of these options within your budget.

Best Choice: Stiga Pro Carbon

Product Highlights:

best ping pong paddle

  • ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play
  • Carbon Technology for Power & Speed
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Concave Pro Handle
  • 6-Ply Light Blade, 2mm Sponge, Balsa Wood
  • Performance-Level Racket
  • Speed: 99, Control: 80, Spin: 100

Stiga Pro Carbon Racket Review

best ping pong paddle

Stiga is one of the leading brands in the market. Stiga Pro Carbon Performance-Level paddle is the best one you can pick right now.

This is an important question why we have chosen it as our best choice? According to the performance, it is similar to the Jet 800 but the price is almost half right now. This is a very speedy racket and generates enough spin than you need.

This is the paddle that inherits all the characteristics to satisfy the demands of intermediate and advanced players. If you have this Pro racket, there will be a drastic change in your game that never happened before. If you grabbed proper methods or you are working to develop it, this paddle can be a wonder for you.

You will find that the latest technologies are applied to make the Stiga Paddles. You will obviously state that this is a high-quality paddle after getting your first pick.

The blade is assembled with 5-layers of Balsa wood along with 2-layers of Carbon which ensures more rigidity and stiffness. For these reasons, this paddle is very fast and responsive. When players hit the ball from mid to far distance, get the most value of it.

The Pro Carbon has 2mm thick S5 rubbers on both sides. You will enjoy a firm grip as the top of the sheet is not tacky. While you pulling off the racket, a good amount of spin is generated.

The Pro Carbon Paddle is very fast. So, you either choose speed while you need the practice to develop efficiency or sacrifice power to increase control. It is being said that it takes a little time to get adapted to the increased speed.

Stiga Pro Carbon is a tremendous paddle to extract your performance. While passing the short adaptation phase, you will see the noticeable changes in your game.

I feel that the all-round attributes of the paddle and excellent representation make it a supreme option.

Killerspin JET200: For Drastic Game

Product Highlights:

best ping pong paddle

  • 5-layers of Wood Construct Blade
  • Killerspin Basic Rubber
  • Flexible PVC Tape Protects Perimeter
  • Flared Wood Handle
  • Promising for Beginners
  • Provides Memory Book to Trace the Progress
  • Designed for Basic Strokes & Ball Control
  • Three attractive colors: Mocha, Navy blue, Lime

Killerspin JET200 Paddle Review

best ping pong paddle

Killerspin is another traditional brand in the industry. It was established to provide quality products for the players. Killerspin JET200 is considered as advanced beginners to the high end product.

For the combination of cost, quality, and durability Killerspin JET200 secured its place in our top ping pong paddle selection. We have marked it as the 2nd best paddle that you can seize right now in the market. This is the best pre-assembled paddle from this brand which provides a lot of spin and force.

This paddle is constructed with 5-layers of premium wood along with 2-layers of carbon. The Blade provides more rigidity while putting the weight down. So, this paddle offers enough power to frighten your opponent.

The blade is developed with the Killerspin basic rubber which is pretty tacky offering a fair spin. This may not reach to the top of the range, but adequate to deliver some dangerous shots to keep your competitors under pressure.

The handle is also comfortable to grip. You can’t find it uncomfortable or sweaty after spending many hours playing with your friends and family.

In addition, it comes with a memory book where you can trace your old scores, gather signatures, and record your messages. It can be a perfect gift box for any occasion for ping pong lovers.

The Killerspin JET200 can slightly impact on the speed performance due to its little bit weight. But it boosts your ball control which is one of the most crucial factors for the intermediate players.

Overall, this is a tremendous ping pong paddle you can consider. If you are targeting to improve your gameplay, it would be a wonderful option.

Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle: Professional Category

Product Highlights:

best ping pong paddle

  • Robust construction and latest technology
  • ITTF approved premium rubber for faster play
  • Great control over superior spin
  • Special zipped carrying case
  • Flared handle for excellent grip
  • 5-ply blade of pure wood
  • Performace ratings: Speed: 99, Spin: 93, Control: 90

Idoraz Professional Ping Pong Paddle Review

best ping pong paddle

The serious ping pong players love to play with the professional ping pong paddles and Idoraz will definitely please them.

If you want to take your gaming skills to another level, Idoraz soft paddle is hard to defeat. It comes with robust construction to ensure durability.

Idoraz ping pong paddle has ITTF approved premium rubber offering a tremendous spin and grip at the rating of 93. You can enjoy a superb spin without compromising the balance. The flared handle of the paddle offers great control over the spin.

This can be a great option for looping the ball and also perfect for forehand drives or smashes.

The combination of speed and balance of this paddle will make you tempted. If you are looking for this blend, then  Idoraz will definitely be your top choice. It has speed ratings of 99 without losing its balance.

Though this paddle offers tremendous power and spin, it also maintains control ratings. Having a 90 control rating, this ping pong paddle has become a great gift to receive.

Idoraz ping pong paddle is designed with the latest technology and ensures 100% customer satisfaction. Otherwise, you will get 30-days money-back guarantee.

Killerspin JET800 Paddle: Professional Ping Pong Paddle

Product Highlights:

best ping pong paddle

  • Peofessional grade equipment
  • Premium grade 4z rubber
  • Personalized memory book to record progress, messages
  • Carbon technology
  • Ergonomic flared handle
  • Performance ratings: Spin- 9, Control-8, Speed-9.5

Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 Ping Pong Paddle Review

best ping pong paddle

It is one of the high-rated ping pong paddles in our list that you can take right now. This is another pre-assembled paddle that provides ample spin and power.

This is a professional-grade Ping Pong paddle. The JET800 paddle is designed for serious players. If you really want to dominate your opponent by making some powerful ping pong shots, then this is the paddle you should pick.

The blade is made of 5 layers of premium wood and 2 layers of carbon fiber. This mixture provides the blade with more rigidity. The racket has tremendous power for more rigidity.

You will enjoy a fast-paced game with this paddle. Professional grade 4z rubber offers a firm grip where the flared handle fits tightly in your hand. So, you can make some explosive shots than the blink of an eye. This is something like that the pros would prefer to play.

You can also find an insane amount of spin from this paddle. The sticky surface of the paddle makes your services a nightmare for your opponents. There is also a memory book storage from where you can revive your victories.

This is an excellent paddle with superb power and spin. If you play with the JET800 Killerspin paddle, you can surely win more games.

Stiga Evolution: Great for Intermediate Level

Product Highlights:

best ping pong paddle

  • Performance Level Design
  • 2mm Thick Approved Rubber By ITTF for Tournament Play
  •  Shock Dispersion Technology
  • 6-Layers of Ply Wood Construct Blade
  • Lightly Flared Handle
  • Ratings: Speed- 96, Control- 90, Spin- 94
  • Weight is 170g

Stiga Evolution Performance Review

best ping pong paddle

Here, we have revealed our other superb option that can really take your gaming skills to competitive stages. This is also a quality product from Stiga. It will provide you with some excellent ratings to boost your performance.

Stiga Evolution will not disappoint you in terms of speed, spin, and control which is little less than Stiga Pro Carbon. It has high-performance ratings. Where you can find speed and spin above the 90s. You can also enjoy great control with a rating of 90. So, you’re not fully excluded from professional players, you will utilize maximum spin and speed maintaining the control element.

The blade is constructed with the lightweight 6-layers of ply-wood and has made it as a superb rigid free paddle. It also put the weight down for which you can get high-speed performance rating.

Moreover, the paddle surface is made of 2mm thick rubber that is approved by ITTF. This provides more grip that helps you to deliver a proper spin on the ball.

Shock Dispersion Technology (SDT) has been implemented in this Evolution paddle. There is a hollow composite rod goes through the center of the handle. This technology improves the overall quality and speed of the paddle. It can certainly be stated that this makes the paddle lighter.

I didn’t find a far difference using this paddle.

Though it is not the most powerful paddle in the stock, it is no incompetent either. This is still a great choice for tennis lovers. One more thing, if you’re a newbie with this paddle and coming from a cheaper ping pong paddle, you may find uncomfortable with the speed. But life is all about practice. You will be better on it after a couple of sessions.

This paddle strikes between money and performance. This is an excellent paddle for a faster setting without sacrificing controlling power.

Killerspin JET600: Intermediate Levels

Product Highlights:

best ping pong paddle

  • Competition-level paddle
  • 6mm thick 5-plywood blade
  • ITTF approved Nitrx 4z rubber
  • Ergonomic flared handle
  • Weight is 180g.
  • Performance ratings: Spin: 9, Speed: 8, Control: 8.5 out of 10.

Killerspin JET600 Ping Pong Paddle Review

best ping pong paddle


According to my personal experience, it offers superb control and an excellent choice for the players who like to push, block, and chop. It lacks a bit of power and you need to set extra energy for making drives and smashes.


The manufacturer set the Killerspin JET600 as an all-round racket. But it favors more on the slower side. This paddle offers better control and spin abilities.

It should be mentioned that it uses the same rubber as the high-end paddles offered from the Killerspin brand. ITTF approved Nitrx-4z high tension rubber works like a beast in terms of spin. It will be easy for you to block the opponent’s shots. You can also get an advantage from your services while it will be hard for your opponent to return your services.

The blade has 5-plywood which is pretty soft and flexible. It offers great control. As it is short of some power, it is an ideal option for spinny serves, blocks, chops, and occasional smashes. You can enjoy a great spin capability and a high grade of control.

The Killerspin JET600 is suitable for intermediate players and they can find a noticeable difference in terms of control and spin they can deliver on the ball. Moreover, beginners will also like the experience of how controllable the paddle is. After practicing a couple of months, the beginners can also long their tennis journey with other speeders option from our list.

We can sum-up that this paddle is a good choice for advanced beginners and intermediates alike. You’re on the way of purchasing this paddle for good control, superb spin option and considerable speed.

DHS HURRICANE-II: Aimed at Intermediate Players

Product Highlights:

best ping pong paddle

  • Ping Pong shakehand racquet
  • Landson wrist support
  • Excellent control and spin
  • It’s an all-round racket, comes in one racket with two balls and a cover ina gift box.
  • Weight is 3.2 pounds

DHS HURRICANE-II Ping Pong Paddle Review

best ping pong paddle

The paddle is a great gift for intermediate players. Though it is not the most powerful paddle out there, it offers good control and spin compared to others.

Do you know that DHS is a Chinese company and where from the current world ping pong champion? So, you can trust them on their great assurance.

There is a great difference noticed in this paddle compared to other paddles on this list that it uses different rubber on both sides. The Hurricane rubber which favors the offensive players, used in one side.

You can generate an immense amount of spin with this rubber and also allows you to hit the ball further from the table at lofty speed.

The other side of the blade has a G555 rubber having a very tacky surface. As this site concentrates more on control, it lacks power.

There is a big bonus comes with this racket, a professional and complete carrying case, two balls, and also a protection band. All these are stuffed in a book-shaped case which made it an awesome gift.

The price of this paddle is a little high but if you consider the craftsmanship and the detail of this paddle, this is arguably another top-class ping pong paddle you can get to brace yourself.

JT-700 Paddle with Killerspin: Great for Beginners

Product Highlights:

best ping pong paddle

  • Ideal for youth ping pong players
  • 2 mm high-quality rubber with a tacky surface
  • The blade has a 5-ply pure wood structure
  • Stylish and colorful design
  • Weight is 6.7 ounces
  • Provides unpredictable spin
  • Performance ratings: Spin-91, Speed-82, Control-79

Ping Pong Paddle JT-700 Review

best ping pong paddle

JT-700 ping pong paddle with Killerspin is an ideal choice for beginners. If you’re just stepping into ping pong world, this paddle will surely please you.

If you don’t want to invest your money on the cheapest option with limited features, this paddle is a very affordable choice to consider. It has good performance ratings that will make the difference after getting the hang of the game. You will develop your gaming skills after playing a few matches with this paddle.

The blade comes with 5-layers of ply pure wood structure which helps to boost your gaming speed a bit. When you will be a master in your hand-eye coordination, then you can enjoy the higher speed rating.

The paddle also comes with a 2mm high-quality rubber that reflects a tacky surface and provides a good amount of grip which ensures a high spin rating. If you have a firm grip, you will be able to deliver a good spin on the ball. But if you consider the price range of this paddle, you will hardly find a better spin. But, as a beginner, it will help you a lot.

Don’t worry about control rating though it is in a moderate range of just below 80. But this is pretty fair for the beginners and once you are adjusted with high speed and spin playing, you can go for the higher control rating.

It also comes with a free case where you can put 2 paddles. So, as an amateur, this would really be a cool paddle to start with your career.

Stiga Supreme: Best for Beginners

Product Highlights:

best ping pong paddle

  • ITTF approved rubber
  • Lightweight 6-ply blade
  • ACS feature for control and speed
  • 2mm sponge to absorb vibration
  • Weight is 140g
  • Performance Rating: Spin- 92, Speed-90, Control-89

Stiga Supreme Tabel Tennis Racket Review

best ping pong paddle

This is another superb edition for ping pong newcomers who want to increase their skills. It will give you professional performance at an affordable price.

The main selling point of the Stiga Supreme paddle is its weight. It has an extra lightweight 6-plywood blade using Crystal tech and tube technology which limits it weighs only 140g.

This is a paddle that is the best suited for beginners. Like it, because they are new to this competitive sport in general, and it offers well-rounded properties. The Supreme ping pong paddle comes with a 90-speed rating, 89-control rating, and 92 spin ratings.

This is a paddle that uses many upgraded technologies used in other high-rated products from Stiga. You can be assured that this product has a good build quality.

So, if you’re starting with this paddle, it will help you to learn the game with Stiga’s Supreme Performance without spending much money on equipment.

JP WinLook: Recreational Paddle Set

Product Highlights:

best ping pong paddle

  • 4 pieces superior qaulity custom paddles and 40mm eight top notch balls
  • 5-ply wood blade with ergonomic flared handle
  • A blue color convenient zipped carrying case
  • 2.45 pounds in weight
  • Natural rubber sheet and elastic pads
  • 1-year warranty

JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle Review

best ping pong paddle

The owner and founder of JP WinLook brand was an advanced ping pong player for which and why you can trust this barnd. The purpose of this brand is to produce high-quality paddles, nets, and balls.

If you’re looking for a ping pong paddle set, you can go for the JP WinLook paddle set. The price and quality stand on a decent point, and their customer support is also outstanding.

This WinLook set includes 4-pieces of paddles that maintain high-quality custom plywood and also use exceptional technology to balance speed, spin, and control.

There is ITTF standard 40mm eight white balls for maintaining the tournament quality.

The blade consists of 5-layers of plywood and it has also an ergonomic flared handle to ensure a firm grip.

Moreover, the set includes an eye-catching blue zippered bag for perfect storing and also for carrying your paddles, nets, and balls easily.

The beautiful wooden JP WinLook paddle can attract all ages players including males and females, youth and teens. It is also great for starters to all-around master players.

You can confidently buy this set as it offers a 1-year warranty and 60-days money-back guarantee. My personal opinion is that recreational and casual players can hardly find a better option than this.


Kettler Advantage: Best For Family Fun

Product Highlights:

best ping pong paddle

  • Ideal family set with 4 paddles
  • Concave handle for easy grip
  • Pips rubber blade for more control
  • Zipped storage case for easy carrying
  • White and orange balls for casual and competitive play

Kettler Advantage Ping Pong Paddles Set Review

best ping pong paddle

Kettler is one of the leading brands throughout the world for producing quality products in the field of table tennis, fitness equipment, furniture, etc since 1949. You will see their tables in different places. They have secured an excellent track record for tables and paddles as well. You will get long-lasting products from this German company when it comes to family fun after all.

The Kettler ping pong set comes with a maximum of 4 paddles that you need to play games of doubles with your kids. It also includes a zipped nylon carrying case for keeping your equipment safe.

There is also a set of white and orange balls without wasting your time after receiving your package. They also ensure casual and competitive games as well. This is a family package and you can order some extra balls because they might receive a lot of pressure and not last very long.

The concave handle provides an easy grip which is important for beginners and kids with their smaller hands. Without fitting tightly in your hands, your hands might get sore.

The pips-rubber in the blade helps the beginners to control the ball easily. If you’re an advanced learner, you can go for other advanced options listed above. Within a little investment, we should be pleased with these properties.

How to Choose Your Desired Ping Pong Paddle

Several brands in the market produce different categories of ping pong paddles. You can purchase an expensive racket among them. If it doesn’t suit your playing style or experience level, this would be just a wastage of your money.

When to choose a ping pong paddle, you should find out what type of player you are. This is the most important factor you need to consider. You may be a beginner or intermediate player. Or an offensive or defensive player. It will make your way a hundred times easier to pick the right one. Then you have to understand the construction of a paddle and how every element can affect the overall performance of the paddle. In this article, we will get you covered about all these properties one after one.

Player Type

The gaming experience will decide to pick the perfect ping pong paddle that allows you to improve your skills at a smooth rate. Purchasing the top-line ping pong paddle, you will win more games over your opponents definitely. You can learn new tips and techniques to improve your game with a good paddle. Besides, there are some shots that you need to depend on your partner and vice versa. So, having a good quality paddle, you can implement different gaming strategies to win over your opponent

If you’re a starter, you need a paddle that will help you to keep the ball on the table consistently. At this stage, you need to work to develop your basic skills and techniques of hitting the ball correctly. No need to worry about spin and speed at this level. You will get enough time to maintain it. Just try to control the ball as fast as possible.

If you are an intermediate or advanced player, you can perform several shots with different moves and techniques showing your skills. At this stage, spin and speed play a crucial rule to frighten your opponent. So, you should target a paddle that has close ratings to the top while advanced players can move forward to purchasing the best one they can afford.

Meanwhile, you have developed your playing style. If you like attacking style, or love to hit the ball further from the table, then you can go with a heavier and faster paddle. Otherwise, if you prefer a defensive style and like to block or chop the ball, then you can go with a lighter, slower and more controllable paddle.

Handle and Blade

The blade of a ping pong paddle comes with 3 to 7 layers of wood and also can use carbon fiber. This blend makes the paddle more rigid and flexible.

If a paddle comes with more layers that make it thicker and heavier, it will allow a superb spin for the players who love to make some explosive shots. But some players like fewer layers on the paddle because of lightweight.

If your paddle is more rigid, it will deliver more energy to the ball and you will enjoy a faster racket overall. On the other hand, some energy can be absorbed by the more flexible blade that makes the ball travel slower.

There are three types of handles-flared, straight or anatomic. A flared handle prevents slipping while playing. It is the most popular one so far. The anatomic handle is wider in the middle and straight one has an equal breadth from top to bottom. If you’re confused about what to pick, you can go with the flared one.

Besides. most professionals use customized or personalized grips to fit their hand size. Amateurs or beginners should not be worried about this.

Rubber and Sponge Properties

Rubber is another important factor in terms of spin. Before purchasing a paddle, you should pay attention to the textures of the rubber.

There are two different sides in the high-rated ping pong paddles. Inverted dimple having a smooth top surface is the most common rubber used in those paddles. There are pip-style rubbers which are mostly applied in the background, but some players prefer to use them on both sides. They have pimples on the top surface and they can either be long or short.

The long pips are great for defensive players for better ball control. The short pips are so great for offensive players who like to block or tend to hit the ball with more speed. But you need great skill and perfect ball control to use short pips.

The sponge layer is used between the rubber and blade. This element decides how fast the ball would return. Having more thickness, the ball would return faster. 1.7mm thicker sponge layer is good for beginner and intermediate players. Where high-end paddles use 2.mm thick sponge.

There are standard rules by ITTF to restrict the sponge layer. So, if you have a doubt, try to check your paddles that support approved rules or not.


You’re on the bottom line to make the right decision. I believe that you have all the information and reviews what you need to take into action before purchasing the top ping pong paddle. You can just go through the link and check out the price and reviews on Amazon to choose the right option for you. Remember one thing, no need to compare with others. The option that suits one, may not be so good for you.

So, find out what level do you belong to and the playing style you prefer. Then pick a decent ping pong paddle and practice more to improve your level.