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How To Play Foosball [Quick Learner’s Guide]

how to play foosball

How To Play Foosball Foosball has become one of the most entertaining gaming options nowadays.  A bitter truth is that if you have one of the best swords, it does not mean that you are a good warrior. Like this, having the best foosball table does not mean that you know how to play foosball. So, let’s …

Official Foosball Rules : Need to Grab


International Table Soccer Federation(ITSF) has created and published the official foosball rules for the betterment. If you want to find the full rules, click here. However, in this article, I am going to let you know a simplified list of the rules that every player should know. I can assure you that it will be suitable …

History of Foosball : Do You Even Know It?

what is foosball

History means the collection of past information. History of foosball similarly narrates its revolution from generation to generation onwards. Everyone should know the facts what he is going to do. So, I very pleased with, as you inspected this article only because you are interested in learning a little more about foosball. I want to …