Foosball Coffee Table – Make Fun at Home

A Foosball Coffee Table functions in two ways. It allows not only to enjoy your leisure playing on it but also it provides a classic and elegant interior design to your living room, gaming room or drawing room. So, having a foosball coffee table in a living room, it would be a great initiative to strengthen relationships among the family members in this hectic technological era.

According to my personal experience, it is a great choice for innumerable benefits. You can consider it as all in one piece of furniture. It combines a foosball table with the beauty of a coffee table.

Moreover, it’s a great deal to introduce the kids and teens to foosball without spending more bucks in a full-sized foosball table. But you should note it down that the gameplay between a coffee table and a full-sized foosball table can’t match.

But you can also impress your guests with this furniture piece foosball table- it’s not a bad deal.

The players are who are engaged in a full-sized foosball table, they can find a less challenging and exciting game on this table. These tables are really for fun games with flourishing decors.

Always it is a challenge for reviewing the best one among all the products available in the market. We have to concentrate on product materials, its outlook, and customers satisfaction that is the most important part of our dictionary. So, I have combined our experts’ thoughts and my personal experience to decor this article for making your way easy and comfortable. Please read the information given below before rushing out to purchase and get the best value of your bucks.

Consider Following Tips Before Purchasing

You can easily find a foosball coffee table searching online. But there are a lot of brands make you confused. So, it is mandatory to do your research before making a purchase. I am going to reveal a few things in this section for your needs within your budget.

These tables have a glass top for keeping your coffee and beer from getting splashed all over the table. This tempered glass is different from ordinary glass. They are harder than those glasses. So, it works like a cover to keep safe and sound your table.

I don’t think you’ll go for a plastic coffee table to your living room. It is true for your soccer coffee table. The tables are made from solid wood and ensure quality materials, pick one from them. They are heavy, durable and sturdy and easily suit in your living room.

You should also consider the color and design of your product that match your existing interior decor. As you’re trying to merge it into your living room, rec room or den without smashing its overall look. For example, you can choose an antique furnished table if your game room has a vintage style look.

You should measure the space where you want to keep your new member. Then start searching for the right one for your measured dimensions. A foosball coffee table is always smaller than a regular size foosball table. But this doesn’t mean any foosball coffee table will automatically be fit in your room.

Always consider your budget that shouldn’t exceed your limit. High-quality materials tables will often be more expensive than those cheap wood and plastic tables. But if you run out of money, you can just purchase a tabletop foosball table that you can easily put it on a coffee table, flat surface and can save your space and money both.

Foosball Coffee Table

Now you know are one step behind to pick one for your sweet home. Let’s have a look at what we’ve round up for you.


It is one of the best designs packed with many great features available in the market. You can’t go wrong with this product. In the lower section, you’ll find the features that made this product great in this category.


It has elegant accents with solid hardwood construction unlike with laminate wood. It can sustain rough play and withstand in a good shape for years.

Its dark brown color and hand-carved detailing easily get a compliment for any type of furniture. It is also notable for its exceptional craftsmanship.


The solid wood scoring beads, a stainless-steel ball return, and hand-carved wood detailing features are also appealing to take a look at it.

Moreover, you will find the furniture grade playfield having inlaid wood veneers as well as hand-painted foosball men. There are also leg levelers to adjust the table to a perfect height.


  • Dimensions: 47.6 x 28 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Features: Telescopic rods, octagonal handles


  • Provides Affordability
  • Hand Painted Foosball Players
  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Attractive Design


  • Not for Wild Gameplay


Barrington Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42″ Table

Barrington foosball coffee table and Chicago gaming signature coffee tables resemble the same design though Barrington has a darker brown color.


I was surprised when I came to know that people in Barrington consider this soccer coffee table as a piece of interior decor first and then think it as a foosball table second. I found it as a perfect piece of wood furniture and its dark brown finish makes it an elegant addition for a living room or gaming room.

The heat treated tempered glass over the playing surface works as a protector for the hand-painted players. You can enjoy a tea break with your family as well as having the excitement of foosball at the same time.

It features traditional solid wood scoring bead, sturdy leg construction, hand grips and also provides extra storage space at the bottom for books, magazines, and other items.


Barrington foosball coffee table provides you with the finest quality, not with just games but with an impressive piece of furniture. You can consider it a cheaper version of Chicago gaming signature foosball coffee table.


  • Dimensions:  42 x 28 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 78.98 lb
  • Warranty: 90 days manufacturer warranty
  • Features:  Chrome plated rods, wood scoring bead


  • Elegant Design
  • Extra Shelf Space
  • Sturdy
  • Safety Tempered Glass


  • Not so Great as Chicago Gaming Foosball Coffee Table

Final Verdict

We always update our product reviews according to the customers’ satisfaction. We have reviewed these two foosball coffee tables in this category because they are the best among the existing products in the market. If any brand introduces a new quality product in the future, we will update our list according to product reviews and customers’ feedback. But you can easily purchase any one of them for your interior home decor as well as having the excitement of foosball. You will find the best value of your money of having Chicago or Barrington Foosball Coffee Table.