11 Foosball Shots Tips : Crazy Foosball Skills

Foosball Shots Tips: Crazy Foosball Skills

The game has appeared in a new era with a new look as a sporting event. This is a surprise how the 70’s game has emerged as a sport from a simple indoor game. Do you know that the game has booked a record in Guinness Book for holding a 61 hours long tournament? Now, there are innumerable organizations, professional foosball players and tournaments around the world for this sport. Without having a good quality foosball table, it doesn’t provide you the ability to be better in this game. If you want to master in foosball, you need to master the best foosball shots. You need a lot of patience and practice to grab the skills of different shots. The section below will allow you to get the instructional information of foosball shots tips on how to master each shot.

Foosball Pull Shot

In amateur and tournament play, foosball pull shots are a very popular offensive tactic. To perform this shot, you need to guide yourself with the fundamental techniques of foosball. You can execute the pull shot with the offensive 3 bar where the offensive foosball rod contains 3 men. The shot is entirely taken by the middle man. By pulling the rod toward your body and kicking the ball swiftly towards the goal post, the shot is executed.

Pull Kick Foosball Shot

This is a common foosball shot. The pull kick shot is similar to the foosball pull shot where the ball comes to your middle man from the far man on your 3 rods. Then rotate your wrists while kicking the ball into the goal. This is a powerful shot that can be vulnerable to your opponent. Moreover, you can make some fake shots to be unpredictable to your opponents. The opponent might not expect such kind shot like this.

Push Foosball Shot

Amateur and the beginner foosball players learn this shot when they start to play the game. This is a very common shot for them and easy to implement during playing. It doesn’t need too many skills to learn and also to control the ball. This is the total reverse direction of the pull shots as this shot is also a 3 bar foosball shot which is practiced by the central aggressive man. You need to push the ball from its starting point and then shoot it towards the goal to take the shot.

Push Kick Foosball Shot

Now, you know the pull kick shot and the push kick shot is the reverse of it. To perform the push kick shot, you need to pass the ball from the 3 barman which is closest to you to the middle offensive man. Then kick the ball into the goal. If you have quality foosball balls to execute perfect skills and simply to pass the ball back and forth, the shot is a good option to implement.

Foosball Snake/Rollover Shot

If you see, you’ll find that most of the shots are performed by the middle offensive man of 3 bar. So. if you can train yourself properly with the basics of foosball techniques, you will be able to master the shots of foosball. The snake shot is also a 3 bar foosball shot which is taken by the central offensive man. It inaugurates off by pinning the ball between the man and the table. With an open hand, you must execute the shot while your wrist binds the man on the peak of the ball in advancing status. Then the man is shifted alongside by pushing or pulling the rod and concurrently twisting your wrist up to the handle of the rod to hit the ball with the same man. Once you performed the shot correctly, you can take the shot seamlessly. But it is hard to even describe what happened during the shot except it is presented at slow motion.

Foosball Bank Shot

A bank shot means when you kick the ball diagonally and use the wall to make a bounce of the ball and to let the ball into the goal. You can perform the bank shot for both defense and offense. But if you choose the shot for an offensive tactic, this might not be fruitful for you. The opponent might get conscious and you wouldn’t be capable of scoring a goal. It is typically more efficient for the defensive side because it can hardly be detected during the composition of the sho

Dead Man Shot

The shot is very difficult to implement as you need to use a blindspot for executing this shot. If you can take this shot, your opponent becomes incompetent in protecting the goal post due to positioning. If and only if you can apply this shot in a particular defense by finding out that blind space. To execute a dead man shot, the defensive player’s 2 bar defensive foosball rod will move as far it can and hold just far enough to enable a little window of possibility to score a goal.

It is difficult to score a goal by a dead man shot than it sounds. You need a lot of patience and practice to master the shot. Make some fake moves so that your opponent can’t predict your next move. To get a perfect angle, just hold the ball between the middle player and the far outward offensive player. You have to take the shot with the middle offensive player.

Foosball Spray Shot

Foosball spray shot means when a shot is discharged using a diagonal point toward the wall or goal. There is a controversy with this shot. You narrow the capacity of your shot arrangements with this spray method. Players intentionally dodge the spray shot as there are possibilities to find the exact angles to find the goal post.

Aerial Foosball Shot

Another one which might be the most complicated foosball shot. The shot depends on some factors. It depends on which foosball balls you’re using. One more important thing is to concentrate on the structure than the techniques and methods you’ve learned to execute this shot. This shot is taken by the defensive man. The ball is placed between two defensive men and found on the back of the defensive 2 bar. To get in point for this shot, keep the 2 bar in horizontal position and push toward the center of the table. Then flip the foosball ball in the air to the opposite goal. By taking the ball aerial for the defender are the most challenging jobs in this whole method. By practicing precisely, you can execute this shot.

Tic-Tac Shot

Tic-tac shot is a very popular shot among foosball players. When you merge the tic-tac passing between the players on the same rod and then hit the ball to score a goal, it is called a tic-tac shot. This tic-tac passing surprises the defense of the opponents. You need to bounce the ball back and forth among the players and keep it bouncing between any of two consecutive players. To confuse your opponent, perform both push and pull method and find the gap of the opponent’s defense and just reduce your passing pace to take the shot by your middle player.

Foosball Trick Shots

When you will be able, to sum up, different types of foosball shots, you can execute foosball trick shots. The shot arises from an astonishing placement or timing which is the key factor of this shot. These types of shots are unorthodox shots that try to surprise the defense. The general thought about this shot is that only professional and elite players can perform these complicated and sophisticated shots. Foosball trick shots dawned from when the foosball players execute one shot at a proficient level and promote modifications of a standard shot that appear in a foosball trick shot. To surprise the opponent’s defense, trick shots are the most effective as they rarely expect these shots or they don’t even get enough time to prepare against these shots.

Foosball is a competitive game and if you want to take yourself on top of the list, you should master the foosball shots tips. These will help you to make your game more entertaining even if you’re not going to participate in any tournament. If you’re a foosball lover, just purchase a foosball table and start practicing these foosball shots. Enjoy your weekend with friends and family and a game of foosball.