The Foosball Strategy Masterclass – 10 Tips to Always Beat Your Opponent

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Strategy means a plan of action designed to achieve a specific goal. In addition, a strategy is all about gaining or improving an advantageous position over your competitors. So, a foosball strategy is also vital to exhaust your opponent and place yourself in a winning position. Foosball is as much a mental game as a physical one. It is therefore mandatory to come up with a sound strategy to boost your odds of winning.

Anyone can purchase a top-quality foosball table and start playing by merely understanding the basic rules. This includes taking shots, turning bars and kicking the ball towards the opponent’s goal. However, knowing the rules alone will not make any difference. The strategy is something else. Once you learn the basics, you need to take the next step to learn new strategies to overcome top opponents. The factor that makes the game so addictive and strategic is timing. It is very crucial to out-race your opponent.

So, to be a genuine foosball player, you have to sharpen your knowledge and skills. Who knows – you may be the next foosball star! From this point onwards, it’s all about starting to work on the strategies that will accelerate your game.

I am sure that this section of our training guide will offer you the soundest strategies that you can apply to your game and will help you to improve your defense and offense.

Before we get into the real strategies, there is one quick trick that is unknown by many but can change your game within seconds! So what is that? It is ball choice. People don’t realise how much of a difference a ball can make, but with the right ball, your precision, accuracy and overall power will increase dramatically.

The ball that comes straight out of the box with your foosball table is not good enough for anyone who wants to play seriously and, most importantly, win regularly. The cheapest but the highest quality ball that I use is the warrior foosball.

However, there are a lot more foosball balls out there that beat the standard ball by a mile! If you’re serious about foosball, invest in one of the balls below. That investment will step up your game and pay off in the long run as they last for years!


Foosball Strategy – Beat Your Opponent

Improve Serving the Ball Yourself 

A foosball game begins with a foosball serve. Official foosball rules legalize serving the ball yourself. It is imperative to frighten your opponent from the very beginning of the game as it is your first opportunity to rattle them – remember, foosball is just as much about the mental approach as the physical one. You will get maximum value from your offensive opportunities if you serve the ball to your 5 bar every time. This is a strategy of an aggressive position, so if you like to play in an offensive mood, it will make for an immediate advantage and set you up well for the rest of the game. I should mention that this strategy will only work if you practice tremendous passing and work on other foosball skills to capitalize on advantages as they become available.

You can enhance the service advantage by putting a little spin on the ball and dropping it into the table hole. This ensures that the ball will roll towards your 5 bar instead of your opponent’s. If you can make the serve with confidence, you can pass the ball to your bars easily. It will also help you to catch the foosball straight from the serve rather than immediately turning it over to your opponent.

The strategy of Passing the Ball from 5 Bar to 3 Bar 

Like all of the plans listed here, this is another critical tactic to offer you an offensive advantage like the previous one. As it is a game where scoring goals beats opponents, this strategy increases the percentage chances of scoring a goal.

Possession of the ball and control are crucial in each game to dominate your opponent. So, it is vital to know how to pass the ball from the 5 bar to the 3 bar. And it is absolutely essential to winning games against anyone that ranks above a beginner level foosball player. Moreover, it is much easier to score a goal from your 3 bar where there is a shorter distance and one less defensive bar to block the goal. You can enjoy and attempt a variety of shots in that position and therefore find yourself with more chances to score a goal.

You have to keep in mind that timing is key in passing the ball. Timing should be perfect for breaking down defences. Otherwise passing that is too early will lead to a deflection while any passes that are too slow will be blocked. So, if you want to increase your chances of scoring a goal, you need a lot of practice on improving the timing and ball passing.

One-Shot Focus Strategy 

There are a bunch of foosball shots that have been created and debuted by professional foosball players. Crucially, not all players play every shot. In short, this is because each shot requires time, effort and practice, and it is often better to perfect a few shots than be above average with all of them. The strategy is essential when it comes to choosing your foosball shots on offense. Be the master of one shot instead of trying to shoot in all areas and only move on to work on another when you can score from a specific shot with your eyes closed.

If you concentrate on one shot, you can also become more efficient at setting up the shot. It will limit the times that you turn over the ball while trying to maintain ball control and set up your own attack.

I have stated before that most professional players focus on the pull shot or the snake shot. They have tested these shots because these are the fastest shots that allow for the most options to score on your opponent and to catch them off guard. Unless you’re already at a professional level, you might be surprised to learn that scoring opportunities are relatively few and far between. When such an opportunity arises, winning players need to take advantage. Being highly skilled in the setup and execution of a specific shot will ensure that players reach the next level by performing under pressure whenever the opportunity arises.

Follow the Foosball

The more you can control the ball on your side, the more chances you will have to score on your opponent. However, losing or dropping the balls means opportunities for the opponent to take advantage of you. This is an inescapable part of the game. So, you have to appreciate the importance of following the ball no matter where it is on the table or who has it.

Many beginners overlook this part of foosball strategy, and they don’t even appreciate that they can easily block balls simply by following them around the table. You can consider this as an example – if the ball is on the left side and your partner has the ball on offense, your men should be too. Don’t be confused at all. You will be able to make snap defensive decisions right after completing this article.

Of course, there is more to foosball strategy than attacking and defending. You need to have a passion for being a master in the game by learning different tactics and methods.

Flicking Wrist or Open Hand Shooting Strategy 

There are two main types of grip in foosball – the foosball wrist grip and the open palm grip. Which you choose to use is entirely down to you, but it is essential to decide on a style early on and then to work to ensure you master it completely. Once you’re happy with your grip, it is then time to work on the other as most professionals can switch seamlessly between the two.

Wrist-grip is the most common grip in foosball. You have to wrap your hand around the handle and then rotate your wrist clockwise and anti-clockwise to turn the rod. Your shot should be quick and precise. The faster your shot is, the better the chance to score a goal. All the advanced players have a technique with the way they hold the rod and take shots. Many beginners grip the foosball handle tightly, which makes their shots slow. As I’ve outlined already, your shot must be quicker to challenge your opponent. You can enjoy all the different types of shots by using this grip, but you have to spend quality time practising for optimal results.

The open palm grip is quite comfortable to learn. If you grip the handles loosely, you will enjoy the maximum movement and speed, and it will also limit your resistance. For this technique, you have to place your hand on the side of the handle and place your thumb in a position where it points to the floor. There should be some space between your palm and the handle although you should take care, as always, to maintain enough control that your players do not spin.

A Good Defense Provides a Great Offense 

Keep in mind that your defense is the guard of your game. The player with a good defense wins the game more often than not. Many critics may challenge that offense wins the game more so than defense. However, if you arrive in any match with excellent defensive skills, it will limit your opponent’s chances to dominate you by changing their formation. You can also boost your game by developing other foosball techniques over time. Every player has a unique playing style. So, I recommend that you begin where you believe you will have the best winning opportunity.

Maintain Your Control Over the Ball 

A lost ball or dropped ball means a loss of the chance to score a goal. There’s no time to dwell on it either, as you’ll immediately create an opportunity for your opponent to score a goal. If you want to master this foosball strategy, you should visit our article on how to pass and receive the foosball to give you the proper guidance and techniques to win foosball games. Moreover, this strategy will also develop naturally over time by playing with different foosball players that have different skills of their own. The more you play, the more you will learn to adapt to what different players bring to the game.

Choose Defense or Offense 

You can find some foosball games where you can see that some foosball teams don’t have any specific position in the game. It varies from person to person as to which strategy they follow or prefer to implement in the game. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to you or your partner playing offense or defense. You should always try to pick the side you’re best at for obvious reasons. From there, I would recommend that you start your game with your best shot to beat your opponent. There is an element of mind-reading to foosball, and you have to analyze the game as it progresses. There may be a mismatch between you and your opponent, but you shouldn’t worry about that. Just as in other games, while they might be better on paper, you can switch your position and throw your opponents.

Play Against the Better Player 

In every competitive sport or game, everyone wants to win. While striving to improve and regularly beating your friends thanks to your efforts to get better can be fun, it does little to promote further improvement. While it can be hard to admit, winning against a player who is not great at the game is not a real win. It won’t satisfy you in the long run.

Always try to challenge yourself by playing with the best players possible. It will surely pay off because you can refine your skills even if you lose the game. So, don’t be upset at the time. Instead, think of every loss as a lesson. This strategy will help you to enhance your skills. You should also never be shy about asking for and picking up tips from better players. Most are thrilled to be asked and will be more than happy to share tips and tricks. Most importantly, it will make you play better foosball next time. Many sportspeople admit that they learn more in defeat than in victory, and you can apply the same approach as you rise through the ranks and improve your skills.

More Practice, More Perfection 

‘Practice makes perfect’ is true of all sports or games. The more you practice your shots, the more perfection you will find in your game. Practicing specific techniques regularly will surely make you a more advanced player. You can improve passing and shooting skills by yourself.  However, you need an opponent to enhance some skills like defensive techniques. If you have the opportunity to train as well as play, you can set up specific scenarios such as playing foosball goalie wars with your friends.

If you don’t find an opponent at a particular time, there’s nothing to worry about. We reviewed our top foosball tables, and you’ll find that some of them are actually designed for practicing the game by yourself.  Some tables have a side ball return function that is really helpful for practicing alone and this feature helps to get the ball quickly while shooting practice shots.

The Foosball Strategy Takeaway

As with any sport or game, there is no magic to improving as a foosball player and if you’ve read this feature and are raring to go on improving yourself, that’s the kind of passion that will take you far. If you implement all the above strategies correctly, you will become a genuine challenge for your opponent in no time. Before you know it, you’ll experience the satisfaction of regularly winning which, in turn, will drive you on towards becoming even better!