15 Important Foosball Table Parts & Foosball Accessories – Best Replacement Parts

If you are reading this article, you are more than likely searching for foosball table parts or foosball accessories for a table that you have already purchased. There are significant foosball tables available in the market and every brand has specific foosball parts and accessories. So a lot of the time it seems difficult to purchase the quality parts and accessories to replace. In the end it is more cost effective to buy a cheap table and just upgrade the parts that you want/need but what are the parts that every foosball table should aim to get?

Foosball Table Parts & Foosball Accessories

There are lots and lots of different parts available on the market so finding the right one for you can be tricky. However be rest assured that all items on this list are items that you need, and have been quality tested by either me or a foosball school partner. Before we get into the conventional foosball parts I have one that many people overlook. But this secret can visually turn a average table into the centre piece of the room? Wondering what that is? See right below.

Table lights

Lights may not be suitable for pro players however if your looking to upgrade the table in your games room or maybe a table you have in a bar this is perfect. It is not only simple but it is cheap too! All it takes is a simple strip of LED’s to turn your table from a 5 to a 10. I personally add this to each and everyone of my new tables and the wow factor never goes away, especially when you turn the on for the first time in a dark room!

LEd strip

Foosball Men/ Custom Foosball Players

Taking from experience, men and players are generally the most replaced foosball parts. You can find them in different styles such as Traditional style, Robotic style, Black and White style, Tornado style, Blue and Red style, etc. You may be a little bit confused about selecting the proper foosball men for a decent game. However there is not much difference between them until you get to professional status, so unless you are aiming to compete in competition I’d suggest getting men that match the color/style of your table. But if you are aiming to compete in competitions there are a few things to consider.


The design of foosball players has been upgraded over the years. The best player design today are players with pointed toes and a cross-hatching design on the foot. This design ensures better ball control. It will also help you to pin the ball down for different shots such as bank shots and snake shots. But the traditional men with a round and slick toe design are not ideal for performing these shots or having better ball control.

Foosball Bearings

Foosball bearings are the part of the table that houses the rods and serve as “sleeves”. They allow the rods to move horizontally as well as spin when players turn the handles. The main function of these bearings is to decrease the friction between the rods and the holes of the table. So by having better bearings it in turn creates smoother movements of the rods. As they decrease the friction this can and does extend the lifespan of your foosball table.


Foosball Table Rods/ Foosball Table Telescopic Rods

The rods are vital to your table but also are the most expensive part of a foosball table. They have a huge impact on the speed of a foosball game. They can make your game faster or slower. You can find solid as well as hollow rods available in the market. Some foosball tables come with heavy rods. With heavier rods you will find it hard to  perform shots as it will be tough to plot the rods laterally. The players who like to rely on their skills more than on the fast-pace prefer this type of rods.


But all quality tables feature the hollow chrome plated rods and they are light-weight. You can enjoy a better shot performance and optimum ball control due to hollow rods. Moreover, while buying the rods, you should consider the safety plastic end caps to avoid the injuries (especially the kids who are at the same height as the table).


Foosball Table Legs Levelers

Foosball table legs provide stability and prevent shaking during your gameplay.  While purchasing a foosball table, thick legs rather than thin legs should be preferred. You can enjoy a fair play without any disturbance. Because of skinny legs, you may find your table isn’t level. The legs which come with the adjustable leg levelers help in making an even playing field and changing the height of the table according to your choice.


Foosball Balls

There are a variety of foosball balls available in the market. They all differ in styles and quality. Foosball balls are come in different categories such as textured balls, cork balls, smooth foosball balls, and traditional soccer balls. The taste of these criteria varies from player to player. But the most common thing is to find a ball that can easily be gripped or pinned down against the table with the foosball players. You can always upgrade the balls that come with your desired table. One thing is clear if you purchase a quality foosball table, you should already have a quality foosball balls to along with it. You should avoid the plastic, slick or shiny finish balls to get optimum satisfaction. Having quality balls will allow you to perform classical shots in the game. There are some techniques and tips to play better shots where you need good balls. So, these are the important factors to play an aggressive game.


Foosball Handle 

It is an important part of a foosball table. The quality of foosball handles should not be omitted while purchasing a foosball table. Because it can cause a severe impact on your shots. There are various type of handles available in the market. All are not suitable for better grips. Rubber ribbed handles, black rubber handles, wooden handles are the most common foosball handles available in the market. But nothing can be compared to wooden handles in terms of a better grip or comfortable use.


Here, you should also keep away from those handles that come with stain, polyurethane coating. Because it may cause your hands to slip off the handle which hinders your performace.


Foosball Table Cover

You’ll find that many foosball manufacturers don’t provide a free foosball cover when you go to purchase a foosball table. It is mainly considered  an aftermarket accessory that you need to add to your foosball table. But sometimes it is a challenge to find the right fit for your table. This is also very tough to determine the quality of a foosball cover in a picture. There are two types of foosball covers-Indoor and outdoor. So, to select a foosball cover, I want to suggest you take time to re search and check into the return policy of the site. This is a simple tip that you may avoid buyer’s compassion. You can buy your foosball cover without any hesitation from amazon.com.


Foosball Scoring Unit

Foosball scoring units are also an essential part of your game. While playing, it is mandatory to keep track of who is in the top position.Although these come with every table if it gets worn out or breaks from use over time, it should be replaced. The simplest way to track the score is with a 2 scoring systems, above the goalie boxes on each side. A scoring bean is the most common design and when you score, you just need to slide the bean on the other side.


Foosball Wraps

Wraps are also an essential part of your game. Once you use wraps on your foosball handles, you will be surprised at how you ever played without them. It will give you a much better grip and it is much more comfortable to perform advanced shots like a snake or pull shot. The important thing is that wraps are used in every foosball tournament and by every professional foosball player.


Foosball Silicone

Silicone may not be directly a foosball part however it is essential to keep your rods clean and smooth. It is also significant to extend the lifespan of the bearings. You can find silicone in both the spray and liquid state. However, it is highly recommended to use liquid silicone as it goes inside your bearings and keeps them lubricated. You can use spray silicone to clean the rods instead of lubricating the bearings. Always keep an extra bottle of silicone on your side to keep your table accessories in good condition. You can easily purchase this item at a price of around $10-20 US.


Foosball Tubes

Foosball tubes are similar to foosball wraps which offer you a better grip. They are also used in tournaments to help the players get a firm grip. Tubes or foosball wraps are legal in the official foosball rules they can easily be added on to the foosball handles without any worry. There are varieties of foosball tubes in sense of thickness and colors to meet your needs. You can easily take them off or on a lot easier than foosball wraps. This is because tubes come with one solid piece rather than having to circle your wraps around the handle to get the best outfit. Foosball tubes will also enhance your grip and help to make advanced shots like a snake or pull shot.


Foosball Table Cup Holders

If you purchase a quality table, it comes with built-in cup holders to keep your drinks while playing. To keep your table neat and clean it plays a vital role. Never let people put their drink at the end of your table where it can directly spill on your table and ruin your playing surface. You can always upgrade your foosball table by adding a custom cup holder or replace a broken one. You can also have side tables to hold your drinks to prevent this situation.


Foosball Bumpers

The main purpose of foosball bumpers is to prevent the man from hitting the wall which may cause considerable damage to the wall. These bumpers act as a barrier and they are generally made of black rubber and springs. You will find the spring bumpers in some lower-end tables and they offer you to move the man closer to the wall. But if you see the rubber bumpers, they provide a proper gap for the movement of the foosball men on the table and it increases the life of the table. One thing I should mention that they also help in lubricating the rod.


Foosball Pins and Pin Punch


You shouldn’t overlook these parts. Pins are mandatory to fix the players and handles on the rods. The pin punch is simply an accessory tool that helps to install the pins without damaging the foosball players or brutalizing your rod.



Foosball Accessories

When it comes to foosball parts accessories are very different. Typically parts are essential items that are needed to play the game and accessories are solely for visual purposes and are not essential to playing the game.

All in all there are not lot’s of accessories available for foosball tables however the number one accessory that should be used by everyone can be found here.


Now, you know the details about foosball table parts. If you need any replacement part, you have enough knowledge to sort it out which is going to be a great fit for your demand.