Foosball Wrist Flick [Be Perfect for the Perfection]

Foosball is a game of passion as it seems to me. Everyone needs time to catch all the elements to be better in this game. You can see the professional players to hit the ball so fast with their wrist flick shot. Don’t lose your hope. If you reading this article, I hope you will also be more accurate on the foosball wrist flick shot.

There is always a bargain in which shooting style is better? Palm or wrist? Don’t be bothered about it. Both styles have their individual advantages- depend on what shot you prefer to do. I am going to let you know both styles and you’ll understand then which shot needs to be implemented for the betterment in your game. Keep in mind that to play a better shot, you must go with a quality foosball table.

Foosball Wrist Flick

Some players try to hit the ball hard by spinning the rods. But it is an illegal move in the professional game. Moreover, spinning the rods can decrease your table strength by breaking men, pins/ screws, or damaging the rod itself. So, you can hit the ball quicker by practicing a wrist flick.

If you are a beginner or trying to grasp the shots, you may face a tough time to pick the wrist flick initially. Before getting into that it is very important to have control over the ball. Then you can get the ball where you want it and will be able to block it from the opponent. After having this idea, you’ll be able to score from far away and it is rather better than if you simply shot powerfully without any control over the ball.

So, first of all, use your right hand, since that hand will be performing almost all shooting. You should keep the ball in the center in front of an open goal (lift the defending rods for an open shot) and need to put it under your front three-man rod. Now, start practicing to hit the ball as solid as possible straight into the goal from this position. And use your middle man and keep in mind that don’t push or pull the rod. This is the best for the quick power shots when you are passing among your 3-men.

  • Try to stand away from the table and slightly to the left of the rod.
  • Keep holding on to the rod.
  • Now, only concentrate on your wrist and just forget about your aim and your hand.
  • You should keep your wrist straight and down towards the floor.
  •  Keep holding the rods tightly at the last moment.

This is wrist flick in foosball. You will find a video at the end of this article and hope this will help you to get a clear view.

Foosball Open Grip

The advanced players use both styles to make power shots. Shot’s power and shots accuracy vary from player to player. An open-handed grip can generate power initially and needs to hold the rod handle with a straight palm. But getting a few training lessons, you can make wrist flick shot powerful. As closed grip uses the flick of the wrist to roll the rod.

It is harder for beginners to control the ball with an open grip. Because you will find the shots are slow and powerless at the initial stages. So, if you prefer to use this technique at the beginning, you need to switch to a wrist flick or closed grip. But over the period of time, you can boost your speed and power significantly with a few weeks of practicing it.

Keep your fingers straight with your open palm. Then hold the rod handle on the right side. You should keep the foosman close to the horizontal position and make sure that its feet pointing away from the opposition goal. To fix your foosman in that position, you should rotate the handle approximately 90 degrees clockwise. Now you can hit the ball by moving the palm up. After making the shot,  you need to rotate your foosman close to the horizontal position pointing its feet towards to opposition goal.

This technique has a downside that is poor ball control during passing. You need to pass the ball around in offense to set up a perfect place to execute a shot. So, it is recommended by many serious players and I personally suggest to practice switching from a closed grip to set up when passing the ball and an open grip to shoot. In the meantime, the defense gets time to prepare as it causes a delay between passing and shooting.

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I hope I explained it clearly in a simple way to get a clear demonstration of foosball wrist flick and foosball open grip style. You can also check our other strategies to improve your skills. We have described all the foosball shots and techniques that will accelerate your gaming skills. You can have fun with your friends and family and even you can participate in foosball tournaments after being good at all shots. You can even earn money winning the tournament. So, practice more and implement them on the game.