Harvard Foosball Table: A Definitive Guide to Follow

Harvard is a foosball table manufacturing company, owned by the Escalade Sports parent company. Being in business for more than  80- years has become a major player in the industry.

If you’re a foosball player or fan, you’ve certainly heard of the Harvard Foosball table brand.

The tables are made of good materials and a great gift for kids and beginners at an affordable price. These are the tables for mainly family fun.

However, Harvard does not produce professional foosball tables that will suit tournament criteria. So, the lovers of table foosball buy this game with a view to having fun and a good time, they do not desire to take part in a competition.

Harvard Foosball Table: 

As we know, a foosball table game is more likely known as table football or table soccer game. It is nothing but a football pitch-style game with handles and foosmen on a smaller scale.

Human players control the foosmen and the movement of the ball operating the handles. Let’s have a look our short but complete guide which will help you make the best decision.

1. Harvard 4-Foot Foosball Table

harvard foosball table

This table is a great addition to your game room. It is a light model of this brand. It offers a compact footprint and durable playability for years of family fun.



  • Dimensions 48 x 24 x 32 inches
  • Weight:  55 pounds
  • Rods and Handles:  Chrome rods, black rubber handles
  • Foosball Men: Painted players

Gameplay Factors:

The playing surface measures 41 x 22.75 inches, is composed of impact-resistant material. The legs are made of MDF and L-shaped legs with cross support panels add strength and stability.

The rods are made of 1/2″ chrome, provides an accurate ball action. The players are painted for a classic look.

The handles with black rubber provide a good grip and it comes with a built-in slide scorer feature.

It is an excellent gift for its affordable price and solid appearance both for adults and beginners.

I can bet for those who are just getting into the game or trying it out for the family, will be a great starter table.


  • Affordable price
  • Chrome Rods
  • Light Weight
  • Fit into Small Spaces


  • Not a Tournament Table

2. Harvard G01888W Mid Fielder Soccer Table

harvard foosball tab;e

This table is the signature addition in the Harvard line of products. It comes with a more classic design with a bit of a sturdier build than the 4-footer version.



  • Dimensions: 54.75 x 34.5 x 30.75 inches
  • Weight: 186 Pounds
  • Rods: Chrome Plated Rods
  • Handles: Octagon Shaped Wooden Handles
  • Side Ball Return: YES
  • Goalies: 3-Goalie Setup

Gameplay Factors:

This table has some high-end features for fast-paced gameplay.

The playing surface of the table is made of laminated PVC, protects the surface from moisture, scratches and other damages. Chrome Plated steel rods prevent rust and smooth bearings enhance a soft and neat play.

Moreover,  It has Chrome steel tube crossbars, adds stability during aggressive play.

The wooden handles giving a great grip even if your palms are sweated during play.  The cup holders are a solid touch for your beverages, so you and your buddies can enjoy fast-paced gameplay by keeping your drinks over there.

The wood scoring system keeps the track of who’s on a winning streak. Its side ball return feature allows to easy ball retrieval during aggressive gameplay.


  • Side Ball Return
  • Three-Goalie Configuration
  • Cup Holders
  • Classic Look
  • Study Design
  • Wooden Handles for Good Grip


  • Heavy Construction
  • Leg-Levelers not Adjustable

Which Factors Make Difference Between These Two Tables?

There are some features that are key factors to find differences. The size and weight of the tables are the main difference between these two.

Harvard G01888W Mid Fielder Soccer Table has chrome steel crossbars, touching cup holders, chrome plated rods, MDF play-bed features and is considerably heavyweight. Both Tables offer similar gaming experience.

This table is a little expensive than Harvard 4-Foot Foosball table.

 Harvard 4-Foot Foosball table is used in smaller spaces. When you have some space in your house and are looking for a foosball table that’s there to stay.

Harvard Foosball Table Parts:

Harvard Foosball Table Parts are much more essential for all the players. They can continue to enjoy playing foosball by maintaining a foosball table properly. Players may face trouble with the table, the handles, the tiny plastic Foosball Players, and even those metal rods and handles. So, Foosball Table Parts are very important to maintain the foosball table properly to taste the honey from it.

What to Know?

Harvard Foosball-Table-

You should gather knowledge about some parts for the proper maintenance of your foosball table. Whenever a portion of your foosball table breaks down, you will understand what to be replaced. These parts include players, bars and rods, bearings, balls, handles, legs, tubes, wraps, table covers, pin punch, and roll pins.

Let’s have a look down:-

  • The foosball men and players are the key parts for a foosball game. Broken or chipped foosball men can’t provide a great foosball game.
  • If you have glossy or rounded toes foosball men, then it’s time to replace them with pointed or rough toes foosball men for better control of the ball. Professionals and hardcore players have that choice.
  • Children or amateur players can play with the basic foosball men as they prefer to hit the balls and learning the basics of playing foosball.
  • Foosball bars and rods are highly important to the maintenance of the foosball table. They also enhance fast-paced gameplay.
  • Cheaper tables with heavier rods make the game sluggish and slow and it hinders to shot the ball perfectly.
  • But the light-weight and hollow chrome rods allow a smooth glide between the bearings so that the player can enjoy an optimum shot performance and ball control.
  • Safety plastic caps are also an important feature found in the rods’ ends.
  • Foosball bearing is also another important replacement element to confirm a great foosball game.
  • They are adjusted in the side holes of the table between the hole and the rod. A player can easily make a quick shot with a good bearing.
  • Quality bearing enables faster shots and smooth rod gliding. You may also apply one or two silicone drops at each end of the rod adjacent of the bearing. So bearings must be maintained in a proper way.

Bottom Line

Harvard foosball Tables provide a great opportunity to spend quality times with your friends and family. These quality items offer around for years of enjoyment. So, to enjoy the best value, you have to maintain the foosball table properly with quality parts.