How To Be Good At Foosball [Hidden Treasure]

How To Be Good At Foosball

Foosball is a very addictive game. Every player wants to reign on the board. Some of them have good tricks to implement them during a game and win the title. But some others don’t know how to be good at foosball.

I am also a soccer player. I love to learn about new strategies. If you want to grab our full foosball strategy, go through this link but keep in mind that don’t be shy of learning a new lesson from others. It will help you to gain strength and courage in your mind and you will be an icon in your field, I can guarantee it.

Let’s discover the hidden treasures –

The journey from beginners to advanced players isn’t so easy. It needs time and more practice to be the king of your empire.

Don’t Use Your Instincts


Every starter player tries to hit the ball as fast as quick as they can. They try to push more muscle power to achieve the goal. You can consider it a grave mistake. They believe that if they hit fast, they will score a goal. They think that they are playing the right way. But it’s the wrong way they prefer to win over the opponent. What actually happens? A good defender can easily defend his shots and precise to the way to give him a counter. So, what you actually need to do, is explained below.

Keep the Ball in Your Possession


To control the game, it’s mandatory to hold the ball in your side as much as you can. If you have the ball in your possession, you have domination in the game. It’s so simple as that having the ball in your possession, you can easily control the game. Moreover, you can do whatever you want. So, always try to improve ball possession. Don’t make the same mistake as starters do. Getting the ball, try to play with it. No need to hit the ball as soon as you get it. Practice passing between your players without losing the control of the ball.

Passes Accurately and Smoothly


If you are taking a pass, try to receive the ball as smoothly as you can. When you receive the ball, try to stop the motion of the ball like spring, not a wall. It should be like this.

Clinch Physics


In every game, you can theoretically score more points from any position on the table or playing surface. But at foosball, you need to hit the ball at correct angles. This requires hitting the ball at diagonal angles. Make your own way to score the goal. Concentrate on the ball and mentally map the lines along which you have to hit to score the goal. That is the ultimate motive.

Be a Reader

When we play or observe any game, we may become surprised by an unintended shot. similarly, while playing foosball, you may be stuck in this incident. The unexpected shot might be played by you or your opponent. So, whenever this happens, take a mental note of that and later try to perform that shot willfully. Being less arbitrary and more analytical makes it easy to score.

Use Goalkeeper Properly


The goalkeeper is a very important aspect in a foosball game. If you don’t maintain the goalkeeper with a proper hand, it’s a very good chance to concede a goal easily. But it’s a very tough task, undoubtedly. Try to control the goalkeeper with your strong hand otherwise, this can be a downfall of many a player.

Be Fast

When you have grabbed the above, try to play a bit faster now. Of course not hampering your passes and control over the ball. Enhance your speed gradually.

More Practice

It is the most important part of becoming an expert in any gaming around. if you want to be a good player in the foosball game, you need an abundance practice to touch your goal. The great players who are the history of foosball, always claimed that their success only lies in their great extent practice. So, from the very beginning of your career, try to practice more to be master at this.

Practice on Good Tables

Practicing on a bad soccer table, can’t be good at foosball. Because you can’t enjoy a smooth game on those tables. Your shots and passes will not be so accurate for surface dead spots. Please visit our complete reviews of foosball game tables to pick your desired one and to enjoy the ride.

Trust your Instincts

When you have achieved the above points, its time to disregard point #1 and trust your instincts. Now you can make the difficult pass, get the ball deflected by the opponent player and use the speed gain, which is your advantage.

Now you have a bread and take the slice from it. Good luck and go for it.

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