Official Foosball Rules : Need to Grab

International Table Soccer Federation(ITSF) has created and published the official foosball rules for the betterment. If you want to find the full rules, click here.

However, in this article, I am going to let you know a simplified list of the rules that every player should know. I can assure you that it will be suitable for pub/club games, local tournaments, and home games.

Let’s have a look.

Official Foosball Rules

Flip a Coin:

 By flipping a coin, you can proceed to start the match. The team winning the flip has the choice of table-side or first serve the foosball. The other team loses the flip has the remaining option. If a team picks the table side or the first serve, they may not change their


You can serve the ball by placing it at the middle player figure of the five-man rod.

Ready Protocol: 

The player in possession of the ball shall ask the opponent if he is “ready” before putting the ball into play. If they say “ready”, you can begin.

Subsequent Serves: 

Following the first serve of a match, subsequent serves shall be made by the team last scored upon.

Ball in Play:

Once a ball is put into play it remains in play without a dead ball, time out or scoring a point.

Ball Off the Table:

The ball is off the table when the ball leaves the playing area. If the foosball ball strikes an object that is not part of the table, the ball is off the table.

Dead Ball:

 A ball is dead when it has completely stopped its motion and is not within reach of any player figure. If the foosball stops anywhere between the five-man rods, it must be put back into play at the five-man rod. If the dead ball occurs between the goal and five-man rods, it must be put back into play at the two-man rod nearest the spot of the dead ball.

Time Out:

 Each team can take 2-timeouts per game of up to 30 seconds each. The team in possession of the ball only can call timeout and then only when the ball is not moving. Either team may call a time out when the ball is out of play.

Point Scored:

If a ball entering the goal count as a point, as long as it was legally scored.

Spinning the Rods:

It is spinning which can make a foosball player angry. Spinning is the rotation of any soccer figure more than 360 degrees. It is illegal and if you do so, your opponent will have a free service.


Jarring means when a player slams his/her rods against the wall of the foosball table. It’s illegal to bang the foosball rodsThe motive is that a player hits the wall of the table with enough forces to jar or distract the opponent. So, this is a subjective rule may be called more strict by certain foosball player.


If the opponent exerts sufficient force on the table to diminish your ability to execute a shot or pass, your time limits start again. You have the option of setting the ball up again or ignoring the reset call and continuing play from the current position.

Reaching Into the Playing Area: 

It is illegal to reach into the playing area without having permission from the opponent team. If your team had the ball, another team will win the penalty. Otherwise, a goal is given to the other team.


If the ball is not moving, you can’t pass it without first touching a second player figure.

Time of Possession:

 The ball is within reach of a player figure defines the possession. It limits to 10 seconds on the five-man rod and 15 seconds on all other rods. Both goalie rods are one rod of possession.

Delay of Game:

 Play should be continuous, except time out. An official may only call a delay of game penalty.

Game Length:

Generally, a match consists of 3 out of 5 games. Each game consists of 5 points. Several tournaments require each game to be won by two clear goals up to a maximum of 8 goals. But we play first to 5 in our home.


If you break a rule, the other team has the choice of kick-off or to continue play from the current position. Moreover, other fouls include distracting an opponent and using bad language. You should not do unsportsmanlike conduct or comments. You may get a technical foul by violating this rule.

Here are the rules that will help you to conduct a foosball game easily. Now, you know the rules about how to deal with the game. So, you are on the line to start your game with the best foosball table.