Professional Warrior Foosball Table Review

The game of foosball is competitive and one of the most popular soccer games in recent times. Every year it exceeds its limit in the field of popularity. So, the United States Table Soccer Federation (USTSF) and the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) have made a commitment to keep the tremendous growth of foosball as a competitive sport. The Warrior Professional Foosball Table has got the certification from ITSF and USTSF as a professional foosball table. It is phenomenal in all aspects.

The Warrior has tickled the foosball lovers with its lovable innovation. The Warrior Foosball Table comes with professional features that you need to play a great foosball game. It is not only recreational for professional players but also user-friendly for the newbie.

The designers of the Warrior have made a breakthrough among the foosball players introducing spectacular playing options. So, it is dauntless to the table soccer devotees.

The Warrior Foosball Table has a unique rod guard system to ensure safety. Moreover, updated technology also made it as one of the best for ball precision and control. So we have included this table in our top-selling brands as it is a game-changer option.

Warrior Professional Foosball Table Review

The foosball table is a great fit for office, home or professional play. It is reasonably priced for the general public but optimizing the top performance.


Gameplay Info

I recommend this warrior table for top classic features that are really worthy of more money.

Cabinet Construction and Durability

The table is fairly compared to the high-end tables are available in the market. It has robust construction for the fast-paced and aggressive tempo of American foosball tournaments. It is built to last for long-term and heavy usage. There is a specific difference between MDF and standard wood. MDF offers a decent amount of durability. The table is made from superior MDF wood and it also comes with a PVC laminated with green for the playfield surface, black for the outer surface, and white for the inner walls. You can enjoy a smooth game on it for its high stability and durability. So, you can consider it a breakthrough innovation in the world of foosball by the manufacturers of Warrior.


Foosball Men

Foosball players are one of the most important factors to professional featured tables like Warrior Pro. You will find the foosball men are counterbalanced which is another professional-level feature included in this table. The counterbalanced men have the rigid foot for better gripping on the foosball and move smoothly on the playfield. In addition, as the inner walls are composed of white PVC laminate, it ensures better responsiveness.


Rods and Handles

It has solid chrome rods that are unbendable. They are light in weight, ensure faster movement and torque. In addition, to avoid possible injuries to players and spectators of all ages, the rods include a set of rod guards. It is one of the major concerns about the foosball table. And the Warrior foosball table has covered this criterion very well.


The handles provide hard and slightly soft gripper that will not bend, split or chip. Even they are made of durable synthetic rubber. You will also find custom side bearings in this warrior table that allow the rods to be easily removed and reformed in seconds. Moreover, the rods are furnished with borders that hinder the grips from directly hitting the table consequently preserving the rods from damaging the body of the table. This is absolutely an imperative feature for a newbie learning how to handle the rods.

Foosball bearings

Another attractive and useful feature is that foosballs use urethane material for ensuring a better grip.  It really enhances ball control. If you notice while playing, the ball grips the green playing surface literally well which is really helpful controlling the players.

The table includes split bearings for faster and more powerful shots. Moreover, a new thinner inner bearing design hinders the ball to be passed between the men and the wall.

Adjustable Leg Levelers

The adjustable leg levelers are an absolutely terrific addition to this Warrior table like all other high-end tables. They add additional stability and provide an even playfield. You can place this table wherever you want, even on an uneven floor but it is sure that you can make it even by adjusting the leg levelers. Moreover, additional sturdy rubber swivel foot levelers reduce movement of the table and make leveling easy and also maintaining a firm grip on the floor surface. So, sturdy leg levelers ensure the table to withstands for aggressive gameplay.


Who Should Purchase

Are you a little bit confused about it? Don’t worry my friend. I will make it clear as you’re consuming your time by reading this article. Let’s see if you’re the right fit for this Warrior or not.

  • The players who are enthusiastic about foosball or have a passion to build his career as a professional player in the near future can easily have it for his gaming room.
  • The table is highly durable and can also sustain aggression for a lot of playing. So, it is also a lucrative option for a busy office or pub.
  • Moreover, the people who are looking for professional taste and is also affordable for family play, the table perfectly strikes between money and value.

Prime Features at a Glance

  • Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 195 pounds
  • Table Style: American
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer Recommended Lifespan: 5 years
  • Ball Return: Center ball return
  • Materials: MDF wood, PVC laminate
  • Goalie: Single Goalie System
  • Foosball Men: 11 Counterbalanced black and red men,
  • Features: Classic design with banked corners, 2 pro game balls, pin punch, extra men and free silicone


  • The only Table Perceived by ITSF and USTSF
  • Unique Rod Guard System
  • Super Fast Assembly Included Tools in about 25 mins
  • Adjustable Leg Levelers with Sturdy Rubber Foot Levelers
  • Provides Safety
  • Top-Notch Durable Quality
  • Classic and Innovative Design


  • The Ball Return Tubes are Made from Crumbly Plastic that doesn’t work well, But the Manufacturer has Fixed This Issue with Their New Version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. Is playfield laminated?

– Of course, it has a PVC laminate playfield.

Q. Is a Tornado ball suited to Warrior’s ball on this table?

– There are many Tornado players who have revealed that Tornado ball is superior to the Warrior table and Vice Varca.

Q. What are the actual playing surface dimensions?

– The actual playing surface is 46.5 inches in length and 27 inches in width.

Q. Are the rods hollow or solids?

– The table has 14mm solid rods with new split bearings for faster and more powerful shots.

Q. Is this the same table that foosball championships are played?

– Yeah, it is a professional size foosball table. This is a tour quality table and you can perform any shot and the ball control is great.

Q. Do the men have hard plastic or rubber feet?

– The men are hard plastic which ensures better control and ability to execute all shots.

Q. Can it be used outdoors?

– You can use it on the outside but can’t let it there for a long time. Because it would probably absorb moisture and basically it is a premiere for home play.

My Verdict

What should I say more about it? Simply I can say that the playing experience on this table is very interactive and designed to be phenomenal in all aspects. It is absolutely a dauntless game changer. Within this price range, you can taste the honey of professional features. So, whether you’re looking for a professional table for family purpose or workplace according to money worthy budget, The Warrior Foosball Table is a great fit for you.